Heather McIlvaine

The Art Of Live-Tweeting

6-May-2013 | Heather McIlvaine

Live-tweeting at events can increase your profile and help you more easily connect with like-minded professionals in your space. These tips teach you the art of live-tweeting. Photo: iStockphoto

BES 10: A “Dream Scenario” For BYOD

BES 10: A “Dream Scenario” For BYOD

22-Apr-2013 | Heather McIlvaine

BlackBerry’s mobile device management solution, BES 10, is now available, but Gartner recommends waiting at least six months before deploying it. Find out why. The new BlackBerry 10 devices, la

Highlights: IT In The Press

Highlights: IT In The Press

10-Apr-2013 | Heather McIlvaine

Mark Zuckerberg turns Facebook into your phone's home screen. HP sees changes on its board. The SEC allows corporations to communicate with investors via Twitter and Facebook. Here's a review of recen

The Future Of Open Data

The Future Of Open Data

10-Apr-2013 | Heather McIlvaine

How are mobile apps, Big Data, and civic hacking changing the nature of open data in government? The Center for Technology in Government took a look at this topic and presents its findings. Pictu

man uses mobile app on a bus

Mobile App Contest For Students

27-Mar-2013 | Heather McIlvaine

Students from universities across the United States are invited to join in the first-ever mobile app contest: the SAP University App Rumble. Finalists will be invited to SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando. Ma

Human Resources: After Amazon

Human Resources: After Amazon

21-Mar-2013 | Heather McIlvaine

With Amazon’s human resources troubles turned headline news, many companies are rethinking their own people strategy. We spoke with Christian Scholz, professor of Organizational Behavior, Human Reso


How To Network Like A Pro

21-Mar-2013 | Heather McIlvaine

It only takes one loop around the dining hall at a trade fair or business conference, meal tray in hand, for many of us to feel like we’re the new student on the first day of school. You scan the ta

Can You Afford To Ignore Sustainability?

5-Mar-2013 | Heather McIlvaine

Businesses are facing increasing pressure from governments and consumers to operate more sustainably. Christian Berg, Chief Sustainability Architect for SAP Services, shares five sustainability tips f


What Is Predictive Analytics?

22-Feb-2013 | Heather McIlvaine

Wouldn't it be great to know when a machine will break down before it happens? And better yet, to know exactly which spare parts you'll need to fix it when it does? Predictive analytics makes it possi


Match-Making Software for Next-Gen HR

7-Jan-2013 | Heather McIlvaine

Millions of people already let software algorithms pick out their perfect mate, so why not the perfect job? That’s the idea behind INCOMEfit, a solution that matches people with positions and takes