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Henry Bailey

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Henry Bailey is global vice president of Utilities Industry Business Unit for SAP. He leads a team of customer focused professionals creating end-2-end solutions across the 5 key market categories; Core Applications, Cloud Computing, Mobile Platforms, Business Intelligence and Database Technologies with HANA.

The Power Of Digital In The Utilities Industry

5-Jan-2018 | Henry Bailey

The utilities industry touches every person, household, and business. It provides generation, transmission, distribution, and metering of all forms of energy and water, as well as waste disposal and r

Reimagining Business Models In The Utilities Industry

4-May-2016 | Henry Bailey

Technology is transforming many aspects of our lives. Smart technology optimizes everything from our phones and cars to our utilities and cities. We generate Big Data. We store our information in the

How The Internet Of Things Helps Utility Companies

4-May-2016 | Henry Bailey

The Internet of Things (IoT) played a huge role in helping Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G) use data to do active asset management. In 2001, the company began a plan for a computerized

How Will We Power 10 Billion People By 2050?  

29-Mar-2016 | Henry Bailey

The utilities landscape is changing. Experts predict that the global population will increase to 10 billion people by 2050. Entire countries depend on the constant availability of power. We need to cr

Adapt And Run Simple: How The Utilities Industry Is Using Technology To Face The Future

16-Jan-2015 | Henry Bailey

Traditional utilities companies are taking big hits as revenues and margins shrink and competition from independent distributed generation and green energy companies grow.  Additional regulatory requ

Top Utility Industry Trends Driving The Need For Ongoing Innovation

26-Nov-2014 | Henry Bailey

In my role at SAP, I’m responsible for the go-to-market strategy for utilities globally. In this capacity, I’m privy to a lot of industry insight – on an individual basis through direct contact