Ingrid-Helen Arnold

Ingrid-Helen Arnold

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Ingrid-Helen Arnold is the president of SAP Data Network, the new business unit delivering end-to-end data monetization for SAP and its customers.

Data: The Underestimated Asset Of Our Time

16-Apr-2018 | Ingrid-Helen Arnold

Data-driven business models are the foundation for progress worldwide – and data has become the heartbeat of any business. We can now embed and extract data and intelligence out of every business tr

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Startup Baby: How Becoming An Intrapreneur Broadened My Perspective And Changed My Life

4-Dec-2017 | Ingrid-Helen Arnold

Having the opportunity to start a business initiated by my executive board is an honor and an entrepreneur’s dream. Starting that business; innovating, nurturing, and growing your baby; and simultan

What CEOs Should Know About IT and Digital Transformation

2-Mar-2016 | Ingrid-Helen Arnold

It’s often said that in the digital economy every company has to become a software company, as if the key to transforming your business is to introduce the developers in your IT department to your p

Digital Evolutions In Telecommunications

29-Feb-2016 | Ingrid-Helen Arnold

Mobile World Congress is billed as the digital transformation event of the year. Telecommunications, just like every other industry, is trying to understand what digital means for them. With the explo

Beyond Budgets: The New CIO/CFO Dynamic

15-Dec-2015 | Ingrid-Helen Arnold

My customer meetings have been different lately. Increasingly, the CIO and CFO are attending together to jointly discuss innovations and new solutions. This is a fascinating development that shows how

How CIOs Are Adapting In The Digital World

19-Aug-2015 | Ingrid-Helen Arnold

Thanks to the cloud and the digital economy, today’s CIOs now have a strong strategic leadership role to play. Savvy CIOs realize the cloud is here to stay, and they focus on preparing their busines

The Digital Toolkit: What CIOs Need To Survive In The Digital Economy

13-Aug-2015 | Ingrid-Helen Arnold

We all know what the digital economy means – an explosion of data, brilliant new ideas, and upstart companies with disruptive concepts winning market share from traditional industries. However, you