Hansen Lieu

When Choosing A Cloud Commerce Platform, Be Wary Of The ‘Free Lunch’

25-May-2017 | Hansen Lieu

As commerce continues to get more digital and more social, companies of all sizes are trying to bring their businesses online quickly, easily, and at low cost. Many are opting for more streamlined, ag

Top 3 Initiatives To Shake Up Your Field Service Operations

4-Feb-2015 | Hansen Lieu

For many people, change is scary.  For the optimist, change is a new opportunity to explore, grow, and make an impact. With that in mind, below are my top three initiatives that can shake up your

Diary Of A Wimpy Field Tech

8-Dec-2014 | Hansen Lieu

Today didn’t start out well at all.  The rain decided to visit us on a busy morning.  It took me closed to an hour to get to the office to pick up my parts and job assignments for the day.  Traff

3 Steps To Achieve Consistency Of Customer Satisfaction

22-Apr-2014 | Hansen Lieu

A recent article by McKinsey & Company on how consistency is “The three Cs of customer satisfaction,” makes the case that the customer journey should be measured not by individual incidences o

My First Tech Love: The Mobile Phone

14-Feb-2014 | Hansen Lieu

Inspired by Spike Jonze’s new movie, Her, I wanted to confess about my first “tech love,” the mobile phone. Maybe love is a little strong, but it was definitely a “tech crush.” It was 1999.

Targeting: The Marketing Game Has Changed

16-Jan-2014 | Hansen Lieu

Consumer marketing used to just be about “spray and pray” tactics. We looked at our consumer database and came up with our simple segments, from a combination of age, geography and race. It was an

Big Data To Power Holiday Shopping Elves

23-Dec-2013 | Hansen Lieu

I don’t consider myself to be a procrastinator when it comes to shopping for the holidays.  I made my list very early on (even before all the retailers start their holiday decoration) and identifie

Social Media: The 1-800-GET-HELP For The 21st Century Customer?

9-Oct-2013 | Hansen Lieu

Some may consider delivering customer service over social as hype.  But there’s no question it is fast becoming a key channel for mainstream companies to meet customer service needs. One of the hig

What Is the Secret Sauce of Great Customer Experience?

4-Sep-2013 | Hansen Lieu

As is the norm these days, I hit Amazon.com when my family needs something. In fact, we would use Amazon even when we just want to “window shop”! The other day, my wife saw a pair of sandals she l

Top 10 Of “Not So Excellent” Customer Service

5-Jul-2013 | Hansen Lieu

For many of us, it’s a sad commentary that poor customer service is the rule, not the exception.  In the style of David Letterman and The Tonight Show, below is my top 10 of the “not so excellent