Hank Barnes

Big Ideas For Sales In 2013

31-Dec-2012 | Hank Barnes

As 2012 draws to a close, I decided to ask the folks whose posts we feature on this blog to share one big idea for sales in 2013.  The parameters were broad, simply answer the question “If you were

Working Smarter in 2013

26-Dec-2012 | Hank Barnes

2012 has been an interesting year for sales professionals.  Topics like Challenger, social selling, and customer power have been making waves on a consistent basis.  In some cases, the hyperbole has

How To Use Technology And Process To Organize Sales

7-Dec-2012 | Hank Barnes

For large companies, a big question is how to organize their sales force.  Do you have one big sales force that represents all products or do you allow each division to have their own sales team?  

Dig Deeper For Customer Insight To Win Deals

5-Dec-2012 | Hank Barnes

Today’s sellers are deluged with ideas to help them be more successful.  Whether it is social selling, big data, Challenger selling, or some other topic, everyone seems to have an answer for how t

Competitive Sports and Team Selling

Winning At Competitive Sports And Team Selling – Know Your Role

15-Nov-2012 | Hank Barnes

In complex B2B sales, there are often teams involved on both sides of the table.  The customer has a group of people all playing different roles in executing aspects of their buying process.  While