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Greg Chase previously was the Senior Director of Product Marketing for SAP HANA in the Cloud. He was responsible for driving awareness, messaging, and initial customer experience for SAP customers, partners, ISVs and start ups looking to get started using SAP HANA on demand, and elastically via the cloud.

What Can Companies Expect From Crowd Funding And Crowd Sourcing?

11-Dec-2013 | Greg Chase

Whenever new Internet-based business models are invented, some quickly create new kinds of companies – like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter.  Others mature more slowly such as in the case of c

Common Wealth Contributions: What Should “Running Better” Really Mean in Business? (Part 2)

Expecting More From Business — Common Wealth Contributions By Business (Part 2)

11-Jul-2013 | Greg Chase

This blog is a follow up to my prior blog Expecting More From Business — Common Wealth Contributions By Business (Part 1) where I discuss the book Betterness: Economics for Humans, by Umair Haque a

Common Wealth Contributions - What Should “Better” Really Mean In Business? (Pt 1)

Expecting More From Business — Common Wealth Contributions By Business (Part 1)

10-Jul-2013 | Greg Chase

Common Wealth Contributions By Business Much to the annoyance of some past bosses, I have a habit of asking in meetings, “Why are we doing this, and what are we hoping to achieve?” The econo

Five Innovative Social, Mobile, Cloud, and Big Data Apps From the US 2012 Election Campaigns

6-Nov-2012 | Greg Chase

With the US 2012 election campaign finally, thankfully, winding down, I wanted to share some interesting stories about the technology being used by the campaigns and super PACs to more effectively dir

What IT and Business Managers Want In Cloud Computing

17-Oct-2012 | Greg Chase

Up until last night I had this comfortable little narrative that went like this: IT executives like cloud computing because it allows them to reduce operating costs in IT. On the other hand business

Turning Cloudy Chaos into an IT Strategy – Part I

12-Sep-2012 | Greg Chase

Yep, cloud computing is here. In fact, the cloud is probably all over the place if your company is like many. Now, your CEO sends you an email saying, “I need you to give a presentation to the bo