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Greg Ertel

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Greg Ertel is the Marketing Director of SAP Global Trade Services. His specialties include Supply Chain, SAP ERP, SAP Supply Chain Management, Global Trade, High Tech Industry and Semiconductor Industry.

Can Companies Operate In A Risk-Free Environment?

18-Jan-2013 | Greg Ertel

There are many ways people rationalize away risk when it comes to their companies. Ever heard someone say, “We don’t manufacture a tangible product, therefore, we’re not at risk for global tr

Is The Single Window In Your Sights As We Move Into 2013?

28-Dec-2012 | Greg Ertel

Is the single window part of your global trade vision in 2013? I hope your answer is, “Yes—the transition to the single window is on my ‘trends to watch list,’ as are export reform, electronic

Can Global Trade Change the World? Yeah, It Can – and Does.

15-Feb-2012 | Greg Ertel

Next to farming, global trade influenced the evolution of our modern society more than anything else. Dating back to China’s silk road or the Arabian trade caravans, global trade transformed civi