Gergi Abboud

Gergi Abboud

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Gergi Abboud is the Managing Director of the Gulf, North Africa, Levant, and Pakistan regions at SAP. He is responsible for developing the company’s in-country presence and growth strategy, as well as sales, planning, and marketing activities across these regions. Connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter @gergiabboud.

Four Ways The Butterfly Effect Will Shape Emerging Technologies In 2018

31-Jan-2018 | Gergi Abboud

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] The Butterfly Effect is a concept that states that "small causes can have larger effects.” It was originally used in theories about weather predication, an

Corporate Social Responsibility: More Than A Checkbox On An Annual Report

26-Oct-2017 | Gergi Abboud

I know from first-hand experience what it means to be displaced. Displaced from everything—your family, your routine, your possessions, your basic amenities. Everything. While I experienced a fra

Mentoring Helps Create Great Leaders And A Better Future For Your Organization

10-Aug-2017 | Gergi Abboud

Mentoring has long been recognized as an important engagement tool to build emotional and intellectual connections between the organization and the employees. Over that last decade, over 71% of Fortun