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Georg Kube

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Georg Kube is the global head of SAP’s industry business unit for the Industrial Machinery & Components industry. He is responsible for defining industry-relevant solutions based on SAP’s complete portfolio of products and technologies, bringing them to market, and driving business in the regional units.

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Redefining Core Competencies In The Industrial Machinery And Components Industry

5-Jan-2018 | Georg Kube

The industrial machinery and components industry (IM&C) provides companies with the equipment they require to produce the products they manufacture and sell to their customers. As such, IM&C i

small and midsize business, digital transformation, industrial manufacturing, IM&C, digitalization, digitization

How Small And Midsize Industrial Manufacturers Can Strengthen Industry Competitiveness

22-Nov-2016 | Georg Kube

Part 2 of the “Digitally Transforming Industries” series Small and midsize industrial manufacturers are part of a vibrant global market that is powering entire economies. Whether these firms

Innovative Digital Trends For Profitable New Business Models

11-May-2016 | Georg Kube

The world is in the grips of what some call the “4th Industrial Revolution.” In recent years, digital technology has reached new heights as continuous innovation and hyperconnectivity bring a ste

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Here. Ready To Rethink Everything?

5-Apr-2016 | Georg Kube

We live today amid the fourth industrial revolution. It is happening all around us and is reshaping how we live, work, and connect. For manufacturers, the revolution requires new approaches to near

industrial internet of things

Seizing Opportunity In The Industrial Internet Of Things

11-Dec-2014 | Georg Kube

Industrial machinery and component manufacturers can now draw huge volumes of data from billions of machines, equipment, and components. This makes the industry ripe to embrace technology and innovati

Manufacturing: Solution Provider Networks For Customer Centricity

25-Mar-2014 | Georg Kube

Do your customers want products or solutions? It’s not a trick question. Rather, it’s a question about the approach you’re taking to help your customers. The drill manufacturer Hilti, for exa