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Fred Isbell is the Senior Director of SAP Digital Business Services Marketing at SAP. He is an experienced, results- and goal-oriented senior marketing executive with broad and extensive experience & expertise in high technology and marketing. He has a BA from Yale and an MBA from the Duke Fuqua School of Business.

New Realities In The Ever-Evolving Art And Science Of Modern Marketing

16-Nov-2017 | Fred Isbell

Marketing technology is continuing to evolve despite past predictions of market consolidation. The number of options is growing, and the needs are becoming more intricate. While Dorothy from the “Wi

Measurement, Accountability, And Alignment: The Keys To Modern Marketing

8-Aug-2017 | Fred Isbell

”That which is measured, improves.” This is commonly attributed to either Karl Pearson, a famous statistician, or Peter Drucker, a well-known management consultant. I learned about this years

Why The Modern Marketing Journey Doesn’t Begin With Just One Step

6-Jul-2017 | Fred Isbell

External events are always a great reason to get out of the office and gain a real-world view of how businesses are evolving, fending off risks, and seizing new opportunities. The experience is more t

The Demand Waterfall Evolves

20-Jun-2017 | Fred Isbell

(Queue the theme from Star Wars with rolling text) It is a desperate time for the brave legion of modern marketers. Despite a professional focus and role that has never been more strategic, the gro

Top 10 Buzz-Worthy Ideas From The Woodstock Of B2B Marketing

31-May-2017 | Fred Isbell

The Woodstock Festival of 1969 is one of the iconic images in American history and pop culture. Held on farmland in a small town in upstate New York, the 1969 celebration of passion and openness defin

The Journey To Modern Services Marketing Starts Here

23-May-2017 | Fred Isbell

The hallmark of great solutions marketing is the ability to unite products, software solutions, and services. As a high-tech marketing professional, my personal journey and constantly evolving messagi

The Marketing Funnel May Not Be As Dead As We Think!

27-Apr-2017 | Fred Isbell

A future where 75% of the workforce is comprised of millennials will bring, without a doubt, significant change. But I also believe that it’s the responsibility of the generations before them – b

Digital Transformation And The Successful Management Of Innovation

25-Apr-2017 | Fred Isbell

We have been recently covering the topic of innovation, specifically focusing on the concept of innovation accelerators. As part of our research, I met with Klaus Weber, the executive vice president a

Confessions Of A Webcast King: Modern Marketing, Webinars, And The Future Of Digital Marketing

15-Mar-2017 | Fred Isbell

Modern marketing is a concept that’s we're hearing more often in marketing conferences, online events, and Google searches. When I hear this term, I am reminded of the old economics concept – “

The Hockey Fan Experience Continues: Generations, Sharks, And Pucks Et Veritas

10-Mar-2017 | Fred Isbell

Being a hockey fan is a journey, not a destination. I did some cool things last season – my hockey fan experience included playing in a game against Philadelphia Flyers Alumni, attending a hockey g