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Fred Isbell is the Senior Director of SAP Digital Business Services Marketing at SAP. He is an experienced, results- and goal-oriented senior marketing executive with broad and extensive experience & expertise in high technology and marketing. He has a BA from Yale and an MBA from the Duke Fuqua School of Business.

Confessions Of A Webcast King: Modern Marketing, Webinars, And The Future Of Digital Marketing

15-Mar-2017 | Fred Isbell

Modern marketing is a concept that’s we're hearing more often in marketing conferences, online events, and Google searches. When I hear this term, I am reminded of the old economics concept – “

The Hockey Fan Experience Continues: Generations, Sharks, And Pucks Et Veritas

10-Mar-2017 | Fred Isbell

Being a hockey fan is a journey, not a destination. I did some cool things last season – my hockey fan experience included playing in a game against Philadelphia Flyers Alumni, attending a hockey g


Key Insights And Best Practices For The Digital Transformation Journey

8-Feb-2017 | Fred Isbell

There’s an old saying in our business when it comes to things like digital transformation: “It’s a journey, not a destination.” The journey metaphor has served me well for over 30 years as a t

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In Search Of Great Insights And Best Practices For The Modern Marketer

17-Jan-2017 | Fred Isbell

Midway through 2016, I had the great fortune to attend the SiriusDecisions Summit, which some have called the “Woodstock of B2B Marketing.” I’ve attended, served as a speaker, and covered some g

My Top Ten Insights And “Aha Moments” Of 2016

21-Dec-2016 | Fred Isbell

It’s that time of year again: Retrospective sharing of what we’ve learned in 2016. These “aha moments” have given us a glimpse of how far we’ve come in our increasingly digital world and sho

The Universal Digital Transformation Conversation: Five Key Elements

20-Dec-2016 | Fred Isbell

One of my favorite business initiatives emerged from a customer program called the “Universal Conversation.” Related to the notion of conversation starters, this approach provides a compilation of

Everything Old Is New Again: Finance Strategies For A Live Business

12-Dec-2016 | Fred Isbell

Holiday shopping is bringing a sense of déjà vu for me this year. Classic toys such as Etch-A-Sketch, Lincoln Logs, and other long-time favorites recently lined the gift aisle. Is art imitating a

A Business Case For Digital Transformation: Issues, Considerations, And Best Practices

1-Dec-2016 | Fred Isbell

One of my favorite sports quotes is: “There’s no I in team, but there is one in the word win.” Personally, I am a firm believer of this in both business and life. I go out of my way to use w

IT Leadership: Best Practices For Next-Gen Digital Transformation

29-Nov-2016 | Fred Isbell

Digital transformation is testing executive leaders across the C-suite – and chief information officers (CIOs) and their IT teams sit squarely in the middle. The adoption of new business models, re-

The Future Of Finance In An Era Of Digital Transformation

18-Nov-2016 | Fred Isbell

Sometimes the old saying “everything that’s old is new again” is very accurate. Early in my marketing career, I had the opportunity to run programs at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) for