Frans Smolders

How Does The Internet of Things Change HR Workforce Planning?

5-Jun-2013 | Frans Smolders

The Internet of Things Everything seems connected to the internet. From cars and mobile phones to the fridge and the lawn mower. The future of machine-to-machine technology seems inevitable as people

Predefined Content Is What Drives HR Analytics

22-Jan-2013 | Frans Smolders

By now, most HR organizations underline the importance of HR analytics. They understand that it helps them retain their employees, which saves money in recruitment. And they’re aware that insi

What Does In-Memory Technology Add to the HR Field?

4-Aug-2012 | Frans Smolders

Over the last few decades, companies have made huge investments in HR analytics on traditional databases. With the upcoming in-memory technology, a lot of customers have been asking me about what the