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Ferran is Principal Consultant of SAP Banking in SAP North America, specializing in Analytical Banking. In 2008 he founded an SAP Banking community on Linkedin (which he welcomes you to join.) Additionally he’s taught SAP strategy, information and knowledge management in several universities since 1998. Connect with Ferran on Linkedin

You Can Leave Your Hat On

5-Oct-2012 | Ferran Frances-Gil

On 1986 Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke starred a film which was going to break myths and be remembered for years; Nine 1/2 Weeks. Starting September we’re going to see a movie which is also going

Managing Capital Consumption In A Slow Growth Economy

18-Sep-2012 | Ferran Frances-Gil

Last week I had a very interesting conversation with a member of this community (executive of a global Bank in the area of Risk and Accounting). Apparently he read one of my posts  and contacted m

Swiss Franc: The Symptom, The Illness, Capital and Agreement

28-Aug-2012 | Ferran Frances-Gil

One of the most lucrative investments on the last 9 months has been speculation in foreign currencies. As the economic situation worsened in Europe, with lack of confidence in the solvency of the B

Mobility, Efficiency and Strategy For Banks

12-Jul-2012 | Ferran Frances-Gil

As we move into the Mobility Revolution and the most popular gurus describe mobility as the driver of a new era in Banking I miss some answers, particularly one. Mobility, what for? I have the fee

The Role Of The Clearing Houses In A Liquidity Crisis

10-Jul-2012 | Ferran Frances-Gil

On the last two weeks we’ve been looking at Greece, apparently the result of its elections was the key to trigger an economic Armageddon. But one week after the Greeks voted what they were said t

Capital Optimization & Logistical Constraints: Banks and Supply Chain Management

5-Apr-2012 | Ferran Frances-Gil

A common mistake when we’re defining capital management is limiting its scope to portfolio management. In fact capital management has a broader scope which includes portfolio management. But as we

Banks, Governments and the Prisoner’s Dilemma

21-Mar-2012 | Ferran Frances-Gil

Some days ago I received an email from a former student of my strategy courses at the Open University of Catalonia www.uoc.edu who asked me some interesting questions: If the Financial System (and