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Richmond, Melbourne: The Startups of Oz

16-Jan-2017 | Fawn Fitter

Australia may have a famously relaxed culture, but it’s no slacker when it comes to the digital economy. Since 2015, the government has announced an AU$1.1 billion investment to support innovation,

Cathy O’Neil: Unmasking Unconscious Bias in Algorithms

16-Jan-2017 | Fawn Fitter

In the wake of the 2008 banking crisis, Cathy O’Neil, a former Barnard College math professor turned hedge fund data scientist, realized that the algorithms she once believed would solve complex pro

Norrmalm, Stockholm: Where Unicorns Gallop

14-Nov-2016 | Fawn Fitter

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="431"] Niklas Zennström[/caption] Sweden’s capital breeds more “unicorns”—those rare and elusive digital startups valued at US$1 billion—per capita

Columbia Business School’s David L. Rogers on How to Call the Right Digital Play

14-Nov-2016 | Fawn Fitter

When global executives want to understand the nuances of the digital economy, one person they ask is David L. Rogers. A sought-after speaker and consultant to companies such as Google and Toyota, he

The Revolution Will Be Networked

6-Sep-2016 | Fawn Fitter

As senior editor and foreign editor of Time magazine, Joshua Cooper Ramo developed keen instincts about the ebb and flow of political and economic power. Today, as co-CEO and vice chairman of Kissinge

White City, Tel Aviv: Code, Party, Repeat

6-Sep-2016 | Fawn Fitter

Imagine a city where there’s about one startup for every 430 people. Where there are so many tiny tech companies that more than 50 hubs have cropped up to support them. Where, when they get big enou

Discussion with “The Episodic Career” Author, Farai Chideya

16-May-2016 | Fawn Fitter

To Engage Employees, Set Them Free During her 25 years as a journalist, college instructor, author, speaker, and host of radio and television political commentary programs, Farai Chideya has reinve

Digital Startups Hotspot: Pudong, Shanghai

16-May-2016 | Fawn Fitter

As recently as 20 years ago, Shanghai’s Pudong district on the east bank of the Huangpu River was largely undeveloped farms and swampland. Today, it’s home to more than 5 million people, the most

Kilimani, Nairobi: Cool Water, Fresh Ideas, Africa’s Digital Hotspot

2-Mar-2016 | Fawn Fitter

The neighborhood of Kilimani in Nairobi, Kenya, is full of contrasts. It’s predominantly residential, dotted with art studios and trendy restaurants; many sidewalks are unpaved; and few intersection

Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires: Silicon Alley del Sur

18-Nov-2015 | Fawn Fitter

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="172"] Lisa Besserman[/caption] Buenos Aires is famously known as the Paris of South America—a hotbed of high culture and high fashion. But its well-educ