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Falk Rieker, Global Vice President, Global IBU Head for Banking, is responsible for the Banking solution strategy and solution management teams at SAP. He is part of SAP’s Global Leadership Team for Banking and has over 20 years of experience and thought leadership in the Banking and Software Industry. Falk has driven solution innovation with industry leaders like JP Morgan Chase and played a key role in winning marquis new customers such as Bank of America. He is a speaker at international banking conferences and his articles have been published and been quoted in leading industry publications like American Banker, BS&T, Wall Street and Technology.

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Digital Revolution Drives Banks To Offer New Products, Serve Customers Better

10-May-2016 |

We live today in an increasingly digital world. We are plugged in, connected, and accessible anytime, anywhere. We communicate via text message and social networks. We are increasingly surrounded b

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Why You Should Be Banking In The Cloud: For A Single View Of Your Customer

27-Apr-2016 |

Banks around the world are flocking to digital tools and new technologies, both to meet higher customer expectations and to respond more quickly to their changing environments. One of the most benefic

The Internet Of Things: Improving The Customer Experience In Banking

12-May-2015 |

Over the last few years, the term “Internet of Things” (IoT) has become one of the most frequently used yet misunderstood technology concepts within the business community. While many industries m

Transformation Is No Longer Optional

29-Jul-2013 |

The digital revolution has driven many industries to face a fundamental transformation – from media, to education and most notably to banking. But perhaps no other industry beside outside of banking

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Does The Future Need Banks?

11-Apr-2013 |

“Banking is necessary – banks are not.” This quote from Bill Gates sums up the challenges facing banks in the 21st century. However, although it sounds threatening, the way it is coming true


Banking In The Facebook Age: What Does It Mean To Be A Social Bank?

16-Nov-2012 |

I wrote in an earlier blog post about the challenges and opportunities of multi-channel banking. However, there is one channel that deserves particular attention. It is a channel many banks have yet t

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The Long Game Of Customer Loyalty

9-Nov-2012 |

We often talk about banking as primarily about relationships. In many ways, the relationship between customer and bank resembles other relationships. However, over time circumstances change. The cu

Retail Banking

New Frontiers In Multi-channel Banking Services

24-Oct-2012 |

In 2012, every bank needs to have a multi-channel approach to service offering. And most banks believe that they do. They have phone banking. They offer internet banking and home banking software.

Addressing the Insanity Principle

26-Jan-2012 |

I’m probably not the only person who receives multiple credit card offers each month from the very same institutions that unsuccessfully sent me similar offerings in the past. Why do banks believe I