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Eric Lai previously worked in Enterprise Mobile Solutions Marketing at Sybase, an SAP company. His specialties include blogging, journalism, social media, marketing communications, content strategy and writing and editing.

Fuhu Nabi: Is The Best Kids’ Tablet The Right Choice For You This Christmas?

30-Nov-2012 | Eric Lai

The burning question isn't whether the Fuhu Nabi is the best tablet aimed at kids today, but whether that makes it a better holiday present for the family than an iPad Mini, Google Nexus, or Amazon Ki

‘Bring Your Own Network’: More Security Risks Than BYOD?

26-Nov-2012 | Eric Lai

The advantages and security risks of Bring Your Own Network, or BYON, don't just apply to the personally-owned devices of workers, but potentially corporate-owned ones, too. Not everyone agrees, thoug

A Geek’s Primer To Rugged Smartphone And Tablet Cases

23-Nov-2012 | Eric Lai

You don't want a wimpy case for your new iPad Mini or Google Nexus 10. You want one with the most modern materials so it can take an assassin's bullet for you. If you're the type of person that pic

In The Enterprise, Windows 8 Tablets May Zoom Past PCs

16-Nov-2012 | Eric Lai

CIOs seem to be more interested in Windows 8 tablets, even while showing little interest in it on desktop and conventional notebook PCs. With Windows 8 in enterprises, it's increasingly looking lik

Sanjay Poonen Walks the Mobile Talk

Are Mobile Proponents All Hypocrites?

16-Nov-2012 | Eric Lai

I am, at least for now. But others are walking the talk much better than me. I confess: I can talk a good game about how mobile tools are revolutionizing the way business is conducted. But I don't

Your CMO May Be Your New CIO (And What That Means For Enterprise Mobility)

13-Nov-2012 | Eric Lai

A revolution has quietly been happening in how enterprise tech is purchased. Being someone who both makes his living writing about what’s happening in enterprises, AND being a member of the mar

The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Mobile Printing Solutions

9-Nov-2012 | Eric Lai

From Apple's AirPrint to cloud services like HP's ePrint to powerful enterprise server software, I give a primer on the different ways you can print from your smartphone or tablet. Mobile won't del

Samsung Chromebook

The Google Chromebook, Suddenly, Is An Enterprise Contender

8-Nov-2012 | Eric Lai

Everyone was gearing up for a Tablet Battle Royale between the iPad and the Windows 8 armada. Now comes spoiling for the fight over the enterprise is the small fleet of Google Chromebooks, led by the

Sentiment Analylsis

How Are Techies Reacting To A $499 Microsoft Surface?

2-Nov-2012 | Eric Lai

They like it more than you might expect - indeed, almost as much as they like the iPad Mini. The Microsoft Surface is Redmond's answer to the iPad, a productivity-enabled, business-leaning tablet.

Dreaming Of The Paperless Office? Mobile Isn’t Your Savior

31-Oct-2012 | Eric Lai

Mobile devices enable many things, but I'm skeptical that they make a big impact on reducing paper usage inside companies. Everyone loves the idea of a paperless office. Many technologies have tri