Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

About Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock is CFO of SAP France. With more than 20 years’ experience, she is responsible for the coordination of SAP activities in France linked to acquisition and integration. She has recently taken over the responsibility of developing the healthcare sector within SAP France with a mission of actively promoting digital transformation in healthcare. Emmanuelle holds a degree in Finance from HEC Paris. Her blogs discuss the strategic challenges and topical issues facing CFOs.

Beyond The Shadow Of GDPR Fines Lies Huge Opportunity

4-Dec-2017 | Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

With GDPR compliance less than a year away, some CFOs I speak with have yet to look past the risk of a big fine. If you’re one of them, then this blog is for you. Yes, GDPR is a costly compliance ma

Goldfish, Peanuts, Chinese Walls, And CFO Misconceptions About Predictive Analytics

9-Aug-2017 | Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

The Great Wall of China can’t be seen from space; goldfish don’t have bad memories (or a memory span of three seconds, for that matter); and peanuts aren’t even nuts. These are just some of life

Six Things To Do To Become A Better CFO (And Then One More)

2-Aug-2017 | Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

Most CFOs I know are quite modest about their own performance. But no matter how good we are, we all secretly want to be better. That’s just human nature. Perhaps we’re harder on ourselves than ot

Raging With (Not Against) The Machine

19-May-2017 | Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

In 2014, a Japanese venture capital firm became the first company in history to appoint a robot to its board. The robot got the job because its artificial intelligence (AI) can predict market trends f

What Does The Finance “Dream Team” Of Tomorrow Look Like?

23-Nov-2016 | Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

By now, almost all of us are aware that our roles as CFOs are changing—something I discussed in one of my earlier blogs, The “Thinner,” More Focused CFO. In the wake of digital disruption, many

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Digital Peer Pressure: There’s More Than One Road To Finance Efficiency

18-Oct-2016 | Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

It seems just about every analyst report and trade magazine you read these days is hammering home the same message to CFOs: It’s time to rethink finance. In the industry’s enthusiasm and cheerlead

Time For Finance To Face Strange Changes

6-Sep-2016 | Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

In my last blog, The ‘Thinner,’ More Focused CFO,  I talked about the significant changes in the profession over recent years, and the increasingly strategic responsibilities of today’s CFO. In

more focused cfo

The “Thinner,” More Focused CFO

27-Jul-2016 | Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

As CFOs, our role is undergoing unprecedented change. The legacy of our profession has traditionally been almost exclusively about process and financial control, with significant time spent reporting