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Elizabeth Milne has over 20 years of experience improving the software solutions for multi-national, multi-billion dollar organizations. Her finance career began working at Walt Disney, then Warner Bros. in the areas of financial consolidation, budgeting, and financial reporting. She subsequently moved to the software industry and has held positions including implementation consultant and manager, account executive, pre-sales consultant, solution management team at SAP, Business Objects and Cartesis. She graduated with an Executive MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management. In 2014 she published her first book “Accelerated Financial Closing with SAP.” She currently manages the accounting and financial close portfolio for SAP Product Marketing. You can follow her on twitter @ElizabethEMilne

Standardize, Centralize, And Automate Your Corporate Close

16-Aug-2017 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 12 in the Continuous Accounting Series Corporate finance departments are acclimatizing to an environment of growth, mixed with uncertainty. For most enterprises, key growth measures are on the

financial close, accounting, reconciliation, continuous accounting

Improving On The Entity Close Process

2-Aug-2017 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 11 in the Continuous Accounting Series. With increasing transactional volumes and complexity, it’s no surprise that the repetitive manual processes and late nights compressed into the financ

financial close, accounting, reconciliation, continuous accounting

5 Ways To Improve Intercompany Reconciliation

12-Jul-2017 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 8 in the Continuous Accounting Series.  Globalization and new regulations like BEPS have raised the profile of intercompany accounting in recent years. With the rapid growth in the number of

The #1 Thing You Need To Know About Continuous Accounting And The Hard Close

7-Jun-2017 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 3 in the Continuous Accounting Series.  As we digest the concept of continuous accounting, it is important to understand that continuous accounting does not replace a hard close.  There wil

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Why Did The Accountant Cross The Road?

24-May-2017 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 2 in the Continuous Accounting Series.  Why did the accountant cross the road? Because that’s what he did last year. Before we delve into the individual aspects of the accounting and

Drive Strategic Transformation With Continuous Accounting In Your Financial Close Process

17-May-2017 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 1 in the Continuous Accounting Series.  In 2014 I co-authored the book “Accelerated Financial Closing with SAP.” Since then, much has changed in the worlds of accounting and technology th

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How Continuous Accounting Can Transform Your Business

22-Mar-2017 | Elizabeth Milne

Last month I wrote a blog post, “What Is Continuous Accounting?”, which shared information on a webinar on the topic (watch the replay). Today, I’d like to share a research paper about contin

continuous accounting

What Is Continuous Accounting?

17-Feb-2017 | Elizabeth Milne

Continuous accounting is a paradigm shift for finance professionals responsible for closing the books and producing financial statements. “The way we’ve always done it” is to wait until period e

Reporting And Analysis Options For The Financial Close

20-Apr-2015 | Elizabeth Milne

As part of our ongoing accounting and financial close series, today we’ll discuss reporting and analysis for the financial close. In my last blog, we began to discuss financial reporting at a hi

Corporate Close Step 3: Get Stuff Out

15-Apr-2015 | Elizabeth Milne

As part of our ongoing accounting and financial close series, today we’ll discuss best practices in the corporate close. Since this is quite a comprehensive topic, I’ve split this into three step