Edward Cone

The Technology Agenda: Procurement’s Future In 4 Charts

22-Apr-2016 | Edward Cone

Oxford Economics asked more than 1,000 people in procurement jobs—executives and worker bees alike—how digital tools are remaking the function. The response was emphatic: Technology is changing t

What A Finance Executive Can Teach You About The Future Of Procurement

3-Sep-2015 | Edward Cone

We were at the Venetian conference center in Las Vegas, finishing up the debut presentation of our big research program on the future of procurement, when a guy handed me his card:  Dominique Gaillar

The Future Of Procurement: Why It Took Two Surveys To Get The Whole Story

5-Aug-2015 | Edward Cone

When Oxford Economics partnered with SAP on a global research program about the future of procurement, we faced the challenge of saying something really fresh. People have been talking about the ways

A Cyberpunk Novelist, An Editor, And A Chief Procurement Officer Walk Into A Bar…

28-Jul-2015 | Edward Cone

“The future is already here—it’s just not evenly distributed” – William Gibson, cyberpunk author Recently, I had a great conversation about the state and direction of the procurement functi

cloud key

Unlocking The Cloud [VIDEO]

4-Apr-2014 | Edward Cone

This short video provides an overview of our research program and key findings.

Oxford Economics Survey Completed

8-Feb-2013 | Edward Cone

The Oxford Economics survey is completed and we are busy analyzing the data. This global survey of 200 senior business and IT executives was conducted in December 2012, concluding in early January

Amazon, Apple, And Externalities

25-Sep-2012 | Edward Cone

There’s much to chew on in this Bezos v. Jobs article, including the theme we hit on earlier this week — the importance of leadership. But I was once again fascinated by the way forces outside the

Take It From the Top

20-Sep-2012 | Edward Cone

On the people front, the behavior of leaders matters—big time…Innovators ask provocative questions that challenge the status quo. They observe the world like anthropologists to detect new ways of


19-Sep-2012 | Edward Cone

It was a busy weekend for news here in North Carolina, with the Democratic National Convention getting ready to start in Charlotte, college football kicking off across the state, Labor Day sales and a

What Does “Innovation” Mean?

17-Sep-2012 | Edward Cone

“The iPad is about as innovative as the toaster.” We take an expansive view of innovation at this blog, and even the more tightly-focused survey and reports at the core of our project are built o