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Duy Nguyen

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Duy Nguyen is focused on providing trends and insights on Millennial behaviour and the digital innovation of HR. He is an HCM Consultant at SAP SuccessFactors based in Sydney, Australia. As a member of the Solution Architecture and Advisory team, he works with the broader sales & services team, and customers, to provide insights on HR best practices and help organizations simplify human resources processes, support talent development, and maximize employee engagement to transform strategies into measurable business outcomes.

5 Ways To Effectively Manage Your Own Work Performance

12-Apr-2017 | Duy Nguyen

Have you ever worked hard in your job, devoted many years to a company you felt loyal to, only to continually be passed up for the pay raises, promotions, or career progression opportunities you assu

How Millennials Are Changing Workplace Culture

31-Aug-2016 | Duy Nguyen

Have you noticed a bit of a cultural shift with more millennials in the workplace? At last count, millennials accounted for about 36% of the workforce, and as of 2015 they comprise the largest ge