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Drew LeBlanc

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Drew LeBlanc is a Presales Solution Director at SAP. He manages a regional presales team of experts focused on Advanced Visualizations, Predictive Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Information Management and Middleware Platform Technologies.

Social Commission: How AOL, Facebook And Blackberry Have Changed Collaboration

10-Apr-2013 | Drew LeBlanc

Collaboration is in Millenials' DNA Its 5:45 on a Tuesday night, and I am ready to push away from my desk and call it a day. Before I do, I send one last response email to the seven people I’m work

The Four Rules of Innovation

4 Rules of Innovation: What Nike And SAP Know

20-Mar-2013 | Drew LeBlanc

Recently Fast Company highlighted the top 50 most innovative companies of 2013, with Nike being identified as the most innovative. In an article that graced the cover of Fast Company’s magazine la

Three Ways Technology Could Change The NBA

Three Ways Technology Could Change The NBA

15-Mar-2013 | Drew LeBlanc

As anyone who has both a passion for watching sports as well as drinking beer with friends can confirm, there comes the occasional time where you get into hypothetical conversations on what would impr

What’s In A Good Wine?

8-Jan-2013 | Drew LeBlanc

I want to start this piece off by admitting something important: I know absolutely nothing about wine. As a guy in his late twenties, I’ve spent the better part of the last five years sniffing an

Three Tech Trends That Changed The Way We Dealt With Hurricane Sandy

14-Nov-2012 | Drew LeBlanc

Super Storm, Hurricane Sandy, set a lot of records and was a lot of “firsts” for people in the Northeast. It was the first time the water had ever risen to those levels in Lower Manhattan and t