Dr Anne Perschel

3 Ways Leaders Stay Present

29-Oct-2014 | Dr Anne Perschel

Executive presence requires being present. Being present means being aware of what’s happening, in the here and now, the present moment. Being present is rarely mentioned when people discuss execu

Six Criteria To Test Your Leadership Engagement

20-Jun-2014 | Dr Anne Perschel

What is employee engagement and where does it begin? Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organization and its goals, resulting in the use of discretionary effort. 

How To Calculate Your Leadership Humbold To Ego Ratio

18-Dec-2013 | Dr Anne Perschel

Editorial Note: Everyday, we are inundated by news, media, blogs etc., seeking leadership characteristics our world seems desperate to find in business. Top CEOs and execs are scrutinized by fellow me