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Don Trotta joined SAP in 2009 as the Global Head of Financial Services Industry responsible for SAP’s Banking and Insurance solutions globally. In 2012 he was named Senior Vice President and Global Head of Banking Industry Development. A key player in the financial services sector for over 25 years, Don has held senior roles such as Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer for top-tier global financial institutions including Barclays, Citigroup, and Chase Manhattan. At Barclays, Don held the position of Group Chief Information Officer and led the organization that provided overall global technology support covering retail, commercial, credit cards, and corporate services. For five years prior to joining Barclays, Don was the Chief Technology Officer for Citibank North America. He also founded and chaired the Citibank’s Global Operations and Technology Council which governed Citibank’s technology and operations activities globally. Over the years, Don served on numerous Financial Services and CIO advisory boards for major industry organizations, such as HP, Accenture, Unisys, NCR, Teradata, The Research Board, MasterCard and Visa. In 2007 he was nominated for CIO of the year in the FT Bankers Award. He currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Board for The Banking Industry Architecture Network, BIAN. Don received a master’s degree in technology management and computer science from NYU Polytechnic University of New York, and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from The City University of New York. He also attended an executive management program conducted by the Harvard Business School.

The Good Bank: Where Do Banks Need Innovation Most? (Part 4)

24-Jun-2013 | Don Trotta

Innovation Through Inclusive Banking Alongside the huge number of banking customers who could be getting more from their bank, there remain many who have no access to banking at all, and whose lives

The Good Bank: Where Do Banks Need Innovation Most? (Part 3)

21-Jun-2013 | Don Trotta

In microfinance, many small businesses and loan payments add up to create an interesting market for innovative banks. Greater processing power and analytical ability give banks the power to play th

The Good Bank: Where Do Banks Need Innovation Most? (Part 2)

17-Jun-2013 | Don Trotta

Banking Innovation Access to capital is a critical issue in the global south, where many businesses are very small operations looking for sources of startup capital. The model for microfinance is th

The Good Bank: Where Do Banks Need Innovation Most? (Part 1)

12-Jun-2013 | Don Trotta

To be effective and trustworthy banks need to get innovation right, in order to make a positive difference for their business, their customers, and society as a whole. How does innovation make a ban

Where The Voice Of The CIO Needs To Be Heard

Where The Voice Of The CIO Needs To Be Heard In Banking

12-Apr-2013 | Don Trotta

As a former CIO, it is no surprise that I want to take the opportunity provided by the Banking View blog to talk about the world of the CIO in 2013. Now, more than ever, the CIO’s voice needs to

The Former CIO’s View: Changing The Bank

12-Oct-2012 | Don Trotta

In my former life as a CIO, business heads often wanted to know what I was providing for the many millions they spent on IT. I told them: “The truth will set us free but you may not like the answers

A Former CIO’s View: The World Has Changed

3-Oct-2012 | Don Trotta

Before I joined SAP I spent a number of years in CIO and CTO roles at several large global banks so when it came to blogging, I decided to write from a former insider’s viewpoint about the challenge