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Dipali Mehta previously held the role of Director of Product Marketing, Business Analytics at SAP. She led the analytics marketing strategy and pipeline of Process Manufacturing and Public Sector Industries.

Drill For Real-Time Insight

21-Oct-2014 | Dipali Mehta

An oil well generates about 1 terabyte (TB) of production data per day. Each productive well generates the equivalent of the full-text data of Wikipedia every week, suggests an IDC 2013 Research Infog

Social Media – A Double-Edged Sword For Corporations

14-Apr-2014 | Dipali Mehta

Just recently, I noticed a couple of similar social media posts by friends. They echoed the same sentiment —extreme irritation at bad customer service by a large airline, which is notorious for its

Data, Data Everywhere — But Not A Byte To Eat?

3-Jul-2013 | Dipali Mehta

As the game clock wound down to the last few seconds in the National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals Game 6, the San Antonio Spurs were poised to take home their fifth championship in recent years

Analytics at the North Pole

Analytics at the North Pole — Manufacturing Master Class

24-Dec-2012 | Dipali Mehta

The sun sets on the North Pole around September 24, and doesn’t rise again until March 19. Without the sun’s warmth, temperatures plunge to an average -34 degrees Celsius (-29 degrees Fahrenhei