Derek Loranca

Is Your Business Intelligence Implementation Like a Game In Real Life?

2-Jan-2013 | Derek Loranca

Now that you’ve implemented your business intelligence (BI) solution, it’s time to “play the BI game”. Not long ago, SmartData Collective presented anInfographic and article surrounding a Lo

What To Expect From Your BI Implementation

31-Oct-2012 | Derek Loranca

You’ve spent the time, effort, and funds on your BI initiative. Now what? After launch comes the inevitable lessons learned or something like that. But before you get to that point, you should ha

Dash for a Good Cause: How Business Intelligence Transformed My Daughter’s Fundraiser

7-Sep-2012 | Derek Loranca

Have you ever thought about using business intelligence (BI) to rally around a common goal? Sometimes a bit of out-of-the-box thinking can make a difference. My daughter’s school has several fund