Derek Klobucher

President Obama’s New Preemptive Strike Powers Target Cyber-Attackers

12-Feb-2013 | Derek Klobucher

Any hype over the latest mobile app for your smartphone, tablet computer or phablet just seems pedestrian when compared to President Barack Obama’s new power to cyber-trounce anyone he thinks is abo


Jim Cramer Explores Device Agnosticism and “The Curious Case of SAP”

11-Feb-2013 | Derek Klobucher

“There’s no formal definition of these phone-tablet hybrids,” consumer technology news site TechRadar said of the increasingly popular phablet last week. Pronounced like “fablet,” but too bi


Cyber-Attacks Against Banks Continue: Wall Street, We Have A Problemo, Bro

29-Jan-2013 | Derek Klobucher

Iran may be behind a massive and sustained campaign of cyber-attacks against numerous Western financial institutions, including Citigroup, Capital One and HSBC, we learned last week. The strikes explo

Success in Asia, When Innovation Isn’t Enough

28-Jan-2013 | Derek Klobucher

It can be easy to forget about other continents. Regulatory talk about Dodd-Frank and Basel III — not to mention economic worry about the fiscal cliff and Eurozone debt crisis — can leave you thin

Innovation, Not Just Reputation, Is Key To Market Success

24-Jan-2013 | Derek Klobucher

Variety may be the spice of life, but innovation drives variety. The pervasive taste of Apple would still dominate the smartphone palate if Samsung hadn’t kicked things up a notch. In fact, the S


International Social Sabbaticals Programs Benefit Startups In Emerging Economies

18-Jan-2013 | Derek Klobucher

Weather was partly cloudy for solar power startups last week. Investors in Santa Clara, Calif.-based photovoltaic panel maker MiaSolé saw no sun, as the acquisition price yielded pennies for the mill


Mobile Devices And Customer Service Make 2013 The Year Of The Consumer

16-Jan-2013 | Derek Klobucher

Targeting specific customers with tailored offers will become a much bigger business in 2013, according to one SAP expert. New technology could help the decades-old concept of personal marketing explo


Situational Awareness Technology Uses Big Data To Fight Terrorism

11-Jan-2013 | Derek Klobucher

An off-duty law enforcement officer averted further bloodshed last weekend when she stopped a gunman in a San Antonio cinema. The shooter had already wounded two people and fired upon a marked police


Too Big To Fail Makes A “Fine” Mess For British Banks

8-Jan-2013 | Derek Klobucher

Solving the too-big-to-fail problem in banking just got international. Authorities could seize a Global Systematically Important Financial Institution (GSIFI) — and dismantle it as appropriate —

Big Data’s Big Opportunity In The Bleak Economy Of 2013

31-Dec-2012 | Derek Klobucher

“Companies that have embraced the future have been rewarded,” CNBC’s Jim Cramer said on Mad Money, highlighting SAP’s forward-thinking mindset — and rising stock price. “The company’s l