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Derek Klobucher is a Brand Journalist, Content Marketer and Master Digital Storyteller at SAP. His responsibilities include conceiving, developing and conducting global, company-wide employee brand journalism training; managing content, promotion and strategy for social networks and online media; and mentoring SAP employees, contractors and interns to optimize blogging and social media efforts.

How Tech Helps Banks Follow The Rules From Day 1

15-Aug-2016 | Derek Klobucher

Following the rules isn’t so difficult when you know them—and when they don’t keep changing. But static regulation isn’t a luxury that banks in the U.S. have enjoyed since before the financial

Has The Tesla Model 3 Really Made Electric Cars Mainstream?

14-Apr-2016 | Derek Klobucher

Since unveiling its most affordable vehicle yet last week, Tesla Motors has notched more than 325,000 reservations from excited fans of the all-electric car maker, according to an announcement on Thur

How Hackers Can Help You Better Fight Cybercrime

11-Apr-2016 | Derek Klobucher

The FBI recently cracked a terrorist’s iPhone without Apple, but it still had outside help. And the U.S. government is teaming up with others all over to fight cybercrime. In addition to the Defe

Is Digital Transformation Really Helping You?

24-Mar-2016 | Derek Klobucher

Digital transformation is profoundly impacting this year’s U.S. presidential campaigns, and it is pressuring large businesses to rethink their identities. On this macro level, widespread adoption of

6 Ways For Big Banks To Embrace Digital Lending And Win

29-Feb-2016 | Derek Klobucher

Traditional banks are playing catch-up in the game of digital lending, a process of making loans electronically from start to finish. Financial institutions are missing out on new revenue in a space d

social collaboration

3 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Social Collaboration [VIDEO]

28-Sep-2015 | Derek Klobucher

The Digital Age is helping organizations engage customers, partners and employees — and keep them engaged — working together from their mobile devices via the cloud. There are even social networks

How This Year’s High-Tech Will Revolutionize HR

9-Sep-2015 | Derek Klobucher

This year could be pivotal in the quest to save people’s time. In fact, there are five ways that workforce management technology can increase productivity, according to Computerworld last week, and

Predicting The Future And Shaping Strategy With HR Analytics

19-Aug-2015 | Derek Klobucher

Technological innovation has given human resources the ability to predict the future — and has moved HR into the boardroom. But it’s up to data-savvy HR professionals to make that move permanent.

The Neglected Morality Of The Internet Of Things

3-Aug-2015 | Derek Klobucher

Andy Greenberg was cruising at 70 mph (113 kph) when the connected car he was driving suddenly began blasting frigid air, hip hop music, and wiper fluid. He wasn’t even touching any of the controls

Why Finance Would Be “Running Blind” Without Real Time

15-Jul-2015 | Derek Klobucher

A computer glitch at the Royal Bank of Scotland last month wiped out about 600,000 payments — a problem that took four days to fix. Similar disasters coincide with rising demand for real-time analyt