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Derek Klobucher is a Brand Journalist, Content Marketer and Master Digital Storyteller at SAP. His responsibilities include conceiving, developing and conducting global, company-wide employee brand journalism training; managing content, promotion and strategy for social networks and online media; and mentoring SAP employees, contractors and interns to optimize blogging and social media efforts.

What B2C Can Teach B2B About E-Commerce

18-Sep-2013 | Derek Klobucher

Nothing happens in a vacuum, so this is no surprise. Business-to-business (B2B) buyers shop online in their free time, taking advantage of quick and easy ways to research and purchase via the Web.

woman uses early-warning mobile app

Early-Warning Mobile Apps Help Lebanese Avoid Danger

10-Sep-2013 | Derek Klobucher

Mobile technology hasn’t prevented more than two years of violence in Syria from spilling across the border into Lebanon via firefights, car bombs and more, according to a Financial Times report on

Wall Street Launches a Massive Cyber-Attack — On Itself

25-Jul-2013 | Derek Klobucher

Wall Street’s largest trade group is about to try taking down the financial nerve center of the United States. The FBI and SEC, as well as the U.S. departments of Treasury and Homeland Security, are

Waging War On Cyber Attacks: Governments Do, Some Firms Don’t

12-Jul-2013 | Derek Klobucher

“There are now three certainties in life,” the head of cyber-intelligence for U.K. Security Service MI5 said on the BBC Monday. “There’s death, there’s taxes and there’s a foreign intellig

Census Data Reveals “Two Americas” Within The U.S.

7-May-2013 | Derek Klobucher

The two wispy slips of paper were far more than just ATM receipts found at a bank in New York. They created a jarring yet simple mosaic of the sprawling gap between rich and poor in the United States.

Technology Drives Open Data To Kill Corruption

Technology Drives Open Data To Kill Corruption

22-Apr-2013 | Derek Klobucher

Last week was a busy one for corruption hunters in New York. A Bronx assemblyman and Republican Party chairman were among those arrested for alleged dirty deeds. “Over the past few days, there ha

fraud under a magnifying glass

Fraud Prevention In A Big Data Environment

22-Mar-2013 | Derek Klobucher

Critical Need For Fraud Prevention Christchurch, New Zealand is rebuilding after a devastating earthquake two years ago and recovering from the global financial crisis — and it could be losing more

U.S. Prepares Counterstrike Against Cyber-Attack

U.S. Prepares Counterstrike Against Cyber-Attacks

22-Mar-2013 | Derek Klobucher

Move over, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. High-tech asymmetric warfare - cyber-attacks - are the biggest threat to the United States. United States Cyber Command Logo


Cloud Technology Saves An Industry That Plays By The Book

15-Mar-2013 | Derek Klobucher

Cloud technology gives a boost in a struggling industry “Barnes & Noble is in trouble,” a headline in The Washington Post stated last week, “but bookstores aren’t doomed just yet.” N


Big Data Streamlines The Workplace And May End Telecommuting

15-Mar-2013 | Derek Klobucher

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer used data analytics to justify her company’s ban last week on telecommuting, according to Business Insider. It seems Mayer doesn’t do much without lots of data backing her