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Derek Klobucher is a Brand Journalist, Content Marketer and Master Digital Storyteller at SAP. His responsibilities include conceiving, developing and conducting global, company-wide employee brand journalism training; managing content, promotion and strategy for social networks and online media; and mentoring SAP employees, contractors and interns to optimize blogging and social media efforts.

Why Digital Transformation Should Focus On Growth, Not Disruption

17-Nov-2017 | Derek Klobucher

Digital transformation is often impressive, but it doesn’t have to disrupt an entire industry. Growing your business with the right technologies can create a huge competitive advantage—and even a

How To Look Back To The Future Of Cybersecurity

9-Nov-2017 | Derek Klobucher

As if to cap off an already eventful National Cybersecurity Awareness Month—and perhaps proving that there is no honor among thieves—a hacker breached a forum for hackers last week, and is ransomi

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How Cybersecurity Can Get A Big Boost From Insurance Data

27-Oct-2017 | Derek Klobucher

Managing risk is one thing, but cyber insurance can also help set the standard for cybersecurity across industries. Cyber-liability protection is growing fast – and there’s a lot of potential 


Why You Might Not Recognize Cybersecurity In A Few Years

19-Oct-2017 | Derek Klobucher

It’s already been an exciting National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. More than “an annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity,” as the U.S. Department of Homeland

cybersecurity, cyber attack, hacker, innovation

Will A Digital Renaissance Man Save Cybersecurity?

10-Oct-2017 | Derek Klobucher

The cyberattacks we’ve seen to date have been child’s play relative to what’s possible, according to a government expert. We could soon see how bad it can get – and our best defense may be hi

Three Big Trends To Help You Better Personalize Your Products

1-Sep-2017 | Derek Klobucher

Two disruptive changes affecting manufacturers are speed in the supply chain and personalization of products, according to SAP’s Hans Thalbauer. Mastering them both will be critical to business suc

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How To Improve Precision Medicine With Machine Learning

29-Aug-2017 | Derek Klobucher

Machine learning can be the difference between life and death. The technology, which enables computers to teach themselves, is about more than who has the world’s biggest artificial intelligence (AI

Three Big Trends To Help You Better Personalize Your Products

24-Aug-2017 | Derek Klobucher

Two disruptive changes affecting manufacturers are speed in the supply chain and personalization of products, according to Hans Thalbauer, SAP’s senior vice president, IoT & Digital Supply Ch

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Could Be Your Next Strategic Priority

1-Aug-2017 | Derek Klobucher

When organizations do the right thing, value can extend far beyond the good deed itself. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can help drive better business outcomes, attract like-minded partners,

Why Blurring Industry Lines Can Be A Tremendous Business Opportunity

20-Jul-2017 | Derek Klobucher

Disruptive technologies are helping cutting-edge organizations blur the lines between industries, opening a world of new possibilities to those undergoing digital transformation. But there are new res