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Derek Klobucher is a Brand Journalist, Content Marketer and Master Digital Storyteller at SAP. His responsibilities include conceiving, developing and conducting global, company-wide employee brand journalism training; managing content, promotion and strategy for social networks and online media; and mentoring SAP employees, contractors and interns to optimize blogging and social media efforts.

Three Big Trends To Help You Better Personalize Your Products

1-Sep-2017 | Derek Klobucher

Two disruptive changes affecting manufacturers are speed in the supply chain and personalization of products, according to SAP’s Hans Thalbauer. Mastering them both will be critical to business suc

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How To Improve Precision Medicine With Machine Learning

29-Aug-2017 | Derek Klobucher

Machine learning can be the difference between life and death. The technology, which enables computers to teach themselves, is about more than who has the world’s biggest artificial intelligence (AI

Three Big Trends To Help You Better Personalize Your Products

24-Aug-2017 | Derek Klobucher

Two disruptive changes affecting manufacturers are speed in the supply chain and personalization of products, according to Hans Thalbauer, SAP’s senior vice president, IoT & Digital Supply Ch

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Could Be Your Next Strategic Priority

1-Aug-2017 | Derek Klobucher

When organizations do the right thing, value can extend far beyond the good deed itself. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can help drive better business outcomes, attract like-minded partners,

Why Blurring Industry Lines Can Be A Tremendous Business Opportunity

20-Jul-2017 | Derek Klobucher

Disruptive technologies are helping cutting-edge organizations blur the lines between industries, opening a world of new possibilities to those undergoing digital transformation. But there are new res

Why Blockchain Is Good For Business, But Not Great For Consumers

8-May-2017 | Derek Klobucher

There’s been much ado about blockchain for years. But is the distributed ledger technology (DLT), which efficiently records and transparently shares contract and transaction data, worth the hype?


How To Ensure That Sustainable Investing Is Successful And Secure

1-May-2017 | Derek Klobucher

Considerable investment in sustainable companies is no longer an activist fantasy. It’s real and practical, led in part by ever more influential investors and experts. For example, in late April

Machine Learning: The New High-Tech Focus For Cybersecurity

18-Jan-2017 | Derek Klobucher

It’s already been a busy year for cybersecurity, as U.S. President Barack Obama warned NATO allies last weekend to closely monitor their impending elections for the kind of suspected Russian hacking

How Bots Can Help You Find The Right Gift This Year

22-Dec-2016 | Derek Klobucher

Bots are a great way for holiday shoppers to check off items from their wish lists while avoiding crowded stores and endless hold times on the phone. Bots are also a fantastic tool for the organizatio

Why Green Fields Are Perfect For New High-Tech Platforms

3-Nov-2016 | Derek Klobucher

Going after new markets often requires bold moves. Japanese computer game titan Nintendo is stretching out — yet again — in an effort to win new customers after unveiling its newest console, the N