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3 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Social Collaboration [VIDEO]

28-Sep-2015 | Derek Klobucher

The Digital Age is helping organizations engage customers, partners and employees — and keep them engaged — working together from their mobile devices via the cloud. There are even social networks

How This Year’s High-Tech Will Revolutionize HR

9-Sep-2015 | Derek Klobucher

This year could be pivotal in the quest to save people’s time. In fact, there are five ways that workforce management technology can increase productivity, according to Computerworld last week, and

Predicting The Future And Shaping Strategy With HR Analytics

19-Aug-2015 | Derek Klobucher

Technological innovation has given human resources the ability to predict the future — and has moved HR into the boardroom. But it’s up to data-savvy HR professionals to make that move permanent.

The Neglected Morality Of The Internet Of Things

3-Aug-2015 | Derek Klobucher

Andy Greenberg was cruising at 70 mph (113 kph) when the connected car he was driving suddenly began blasting frigid air, hip hop music, and wiper fluid. He wasn’t even touching any of the controls

Why Finance Would Be “Running Blind” Without Real Time

15-Jul-2015 | Derek Klobucher

A computer glitch at the Royal Bank of Scotland last month wiped out about 600,000 payments — a problem that took four days to fix. Similar disasters coincide with rising demand for real-time analyt

Storing Renewable Energy With Tesla Motors Technology

7-May-2015 | Derek Klobucher

Oil, gas and coal helped power the Industrial Revolution, but humans have to tear up the planet to extract these energy sources. Burning them pollutes the environment, but people can use these power s

Abusing The Power Of Retail Analytics

22-Apr-2015 | Derek Klobucher

The upsides of retail analytics are often better known than the downsides. On the upside, real-time solutions help retailers: Tailor messages to each of their customers via any channel at any time

Using Real-Time Data For Real-Life Healthcare Choices [VIDEO]

24-Feb-2015 | Derek Klobucher

The popularity of knee and hip replacement surgeries is growing quickly in the U.S., The Washington Post noted last month. Total knee replacement is the sole option for effectively treating some chron

Meeting Customers Anywhere With Omnichannel Banking

11-Feb-2015 | Derek Klobucher

Running an errand at your local bank branch is no more necessary than slapping stamps on envelopes to pay your bills. There are better, easier ways to bank, and lots of people know it — people who w

How New Marketing Is Helping Solve An Industry’s Image Problem [VIDEO]

4-Feb-2015 | Derek Klobucher

Baby formula has an image problem. And it’s been hotly debated around the world for decades. Sales of baby formula in the U.S. have fallen alongside the nation’s birthrate — and an upsurg