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Denise Broady previously was the global COO for Industry Cloud leading SAP into the cloud market with industry focused solutions. She led the marketing, enablement, external communications, operations, program office, go to market and all special projects to bring scale to all industries and core solutions to the market including the latest S/4 HANA.

5 Surprising Lessons You Should Learn From Millennials

4-Aug-2015 | Denise Broady

At 80 million strong, Millennials have somehow turned the “selfie” into a profession, are becoming millionaires before the ripe age of 20, and are changing the future of work. Yet they have a repu

From Refugee To Tech Exec: A Perspective On Freedom And Innovation

10-Apr-2015 | Denise Broady

In 1979, we escaped in a crowded boat from my war-torn home country of Vietnam to the refugeecamps of Malaysia. My first taste of freedom was when I set foot on American soil with my mother and brothe

Growth Hacking: 4 Simple Tactics To Get In The Game

17-Feb-2015 | Denise Broady

The term growth hacking was initially used by entrepreneur and angel investor Sean Ellis back in 2010, when he was hiring for his replacement. While he received many qualified marketing resumes, he fe

Developing Talent Through The Power Of Mentorship

23-Dec-2014 | Denise Broady

When I first started in consulting, career development was easy. Each professional level and path was very well-defined, with an analyst moving predictably from team lead to project manager to partner

Unlocking Financial Leadership Of Tomorrow

11-Dec-2014 | Denise Broady

The impact of globalization and digital revolutionaries challenges the way business operates today. At a macro level, we are witnessing the economic power shifts from west to east with the growth of B

Living In A Connected World

9-Oct-2014 | Denise Broady

Every major technological revolution has profoundly changed the way we live and the way we conduct business even if we don’t always realize it at the time. The Internet has created an entire busi

The Power Shift From Segments To The Individual Consumer

3-Jul-2014 | Denise Broady

Today, 1.75 billion smartphone users are buying digitally and sharing their experiences with each other. An interaction with one customer can be magnified a thousand times over through social media. T

Path To Success: Innovation Excellence

19-Jun-2014 | Denise Broady

Today’s economic environment is more complex, less predictable, and more competitive. In order to thrive and not simply survive, many companies have only one option. They need to transform. Last wee

Kiribati citizens

Government Serves As Number One Contributor To 100k Displaced Citizens [VIDEO]

14-May-2014 | Denise Broady

In November, I read this article about Kiribati, an island in the Pacific Ocean, and cannot seem to get it out of my mind. The climate is destroying Kiribati, which is now 10 feet above sea lev