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Debbie Fletcher is an enthusiastic, experienced writer who has written for a range of different magazines and news publications over the years. Graduating from City University London specializing in English Literature, Debbie has a passion for writing has since grown. She loves anything and everything technology, and exploring different cultures across the world. She's currently looking towards starting her Masters in Comparative Literature in the next few years.

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Four Ways AI-Powered Chatbots Benefit Customer Service

31-May-2017 | Debbie Fletcher

Today’s customer service chatbots are truly remarkable. Thanks to artificial intelligence, their capabilities so far exceed the link-serving and canned answer rehashing chatbots that annoyed us all

How Women Are Poised To Impact Cybersecurity

9-May-2017 | Debbie Fletcher

News from the murky world of cybersecurity seems to keep getting worse. From alleged election-related hackings to massive data breaches to DDoS attacks now capable of crippling some of the biggest web

Why Today’s Digital Businesses Need Anomaly Detection

4-May-2017 | Debbie Fletcher

It’s one thing to amass enormous amounts of data and visualize it through today’s business intelligence standby, the analytics dashboard. But it can be quite another thing to glean real-time, act

Content Marketing’s Big Challenge In 2017

24-Apr-2017 | Debbie Fletcher

Content marketing has reached a crossroads in 2017. It has established itself as a genuinely useful weapon in the armoury of brands and agencies in a digital-led world. Yet now it’s time it came of

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What We Can Learn From Finland, A Pioneer In Digitization Of Payments

28-Mar-2017 | Debbie Fletcher

Everywhere you look, you can see the impact of digitization. We’re a world hooked on digital, from the music we play to the way we earn our living. But how far will this go? Could we soon be in a wo

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Is Your Business Protected Against Phishing Attacks?

6-Sep-2016 | Debbie Fletcher

Of all the weapons in a cybercriminal’s arsenal, phishing remains one of the most popular and perilous. Using this technique, hackers will attempt to acquire information such as usernames, passwords

How Higher Oil Prices Will Impact Small Businesses

13-Jul-2016 | Debbie Fletcher

Have you heard of the “Butterfly Effect?” Based on the idea that the flap of a butterfly’s wings contributes to a hurricane, this theory posits that one small event can snowball and have muc

Keep Your Customers Happy: 6 Tips From E-Commerce Leaders

13-Jun-2016 | Debbie Fletcher

In this fast-paced digital age, reaching out to the desires of consumers is more important than ever, particularly when your business is centered online and at their fingertips. In e-commerce, competi

New Ways Of Working Towards A Better Bottom Line

31-Mar-2016 | Debbie Fletcher

Every now and again a business needs to take a step back and review its entire operation. It’s natural to draw a line on the sand and regroup, reevaluate, and refocus, all with an eye to improving t