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About David Trites

David Trites is a Director of SAP Global Marketing. He is responsible for producing interesting and compelling customer stories that will humanize the SAP brand, support sales and marketing teams across SAP, and increase the awareness of SAP in key markets.

Under Armour Transforms Into World’s Largest Digital Fitness Brand

22-Mar-2017 | David Trites

If you think of Under Armour as just a sports apparel company, think again. Starting in 2013, Under Armour acquired MapMyFitness, followed by the addition of EndoMondo and MyFitnessPal and the launch

Disruption Is The New Normal—Is Your Company Ready?

21-Mar-2017 | David Trites

The SAP Hybris LIVE: Digital Summit 2017 was all about disruption. The event itself disrupted both space and time by moving seamlessly from Singapore to Munich to New York and proving a live global ex

Brooks Brothers Innovation Elevates Customer Experience

26-Jan-2017 | David Trites

Every retailer is fighting to win customers. Competition comes from all places in all sizes and consumer loyalty is hard won. That’s why Brooks Brothers, the oldest men’s clothier in the United St

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Fossil’s Path To Personalization Is Paved With Technology

30-Dec-2016 | David Trites

Fossil Group is on a quest to build closer relationships with its customers and is leveraging technology to get there. “Our target audience is millennials, and they demand products that are as un

retail, fashion, e-commerce, digital marketing, omnichannel, Aldo

ALDO’s Digital Transformation Simplifies Brand Experience

29-Dec-2016 | David Trites

Shopping is fun, or at least it should be. But when retailers make it more complicated than necessary, consumers get frustrated and sales suffer. Inconsistencies across a brand’s in-store and onl

What Retailers Can Learn From Other Industries

14-Oct-2016 | David Trites

Retail isn’t the only industry focused on creating exceptional customer experiences. Every company that wants to succeed needs to keep customers happy and engaged. At the 2016 SAP Retail Forum, T

Three Ways To Turn Innovative Ideas Into Reality

30-Sep-2016 | David Trites

Innovation in retail is no longer an option; it’s essential for survival. But turning innovative ideas into reality isn’t easy. At the 2016 SAP Retail Forum, Dan Shapiro, founder and CEO of Glo

How Under Armour’s Digital Transformation Will Improve Your Health

17-Feb-2016 | David Trites

Many great companies are born by solving a singular, widespread problem. For Under Armour, that singular problem was sweat. The innovative, moisture wicking athletic undergarments and apparel on wh

ULTA Gives Beauty Product Shopping A Makeover

21-Dec-2015 | David Trites

Shopping for beauty products isn’t easy. The myriad of choices is overwhelming and the in-store sales process can be quite intimidating. Going online for products is challenging, too. A slight varia

Zachry Construction Boosts Efficiency With New ERP

5-Nov-2015 | David Trites

If you’ve ever worked in the construction industry, or even pulled off a few smaller construction projects of your own, you know how complicated the projects can be. To complete a quality job on tim