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David Sweetman

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David Sweetman is a Senior Director of Global Marketing at SAP. He is an accomplished software executive applying extensive business experience to develop and execute global product vertical and channel strategies that drive results. David has hands-on 360-degree experience of the software marketing, channels, sales, development and delivery processes.

Surviving The Hyperconnected Economy With Data Integration

28-Oct-2015 | David Sweetman

A recent SAP-sponsored study from The Economist Intelligence Unit examines how businesses are dealing with the rise of hyperconnectivity, defined as “the sharp increase in interconnectedness of peop

Want To Drive Digital Transformation? Take A Cloud Road Trip

30-Jul-2015 | David Sweetman

Amid a flurry of new digital technologies including mobile, analytics, social media, and data sensors, businesses are looking for a game changer. But with flat IT budgets and an ever-expanding array o

building in the clouds

Moving To The Cloud: Five Questions You Should Ask [VIDEO]

29-Jul-2015 | David Sweetman

Public cloud. Private cloud. Hybrid cloud. Whether your business is small, midsized, or an international conglomerate, you’ve probably heard of the cloud – or even considered a cloud of your own.

Your Project Planning Processes May Be Causing You Unneeded Stress

3-May-2012 | David Sweetman

If you are an executive in a professional services organization, then a few minutes spent on this article may reduce your daily stress by 15 percent. I am sure you will agree that projects that go bad