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Analytics Team

Ken Rudin of Facebook On Analytics And Team Building

20-Nov-2012 | David Rathbun

During a recent Inside Analysis webinar, Wayne Eckerson, founder of the BI Leadership Forum, and Ken Rudin, director of analytics at Facebook, discussed how companies should approach analytics. I fo

Mobile Dashboard

Lessons in Business Intelligence: Be Careful What You Wish For

11-Nov-2012 | David Rathbun

What’s the purpose of a business intelligence (BI) dashboard? It’s not just to look sexy. The primary purpose of a dashboard is to convey information. A secondary purpose is to inspire a behavi

The Trouble With Multiple Truths In Business Intelligence

26-Oct-2012 | David Rathbun

The goal of business intelligence (BI) is to achieve a “single version of the truth,” so you can make more informed business decisions. But, as I’m about to share, the truth can change depend

Business Intelligence Lessons from Star Trek — Part Two

20-Aug-2012 | David Rathbun

In my first Star Trek post, I explored two lessons learned from Captain Kirk’s leadership skills and how we could apply them to business intelligence. Today, I’ll cover three more lessons. Be Par

Business Intelligence Lessons From Star Trek

3-Aug-2012 | David Rathbun

While the touch-panel displays on Star Trek: The Next Generation certainly foreshadowed the iPad, the focus of my discussion today is around another blog:  “Five Leadership Lessons from James T. Ki