David Linthicum

3 Questions to Ask Cloud Computing Job Candidates

4-Oct-2012 | David Linthicum

A lot of people have ‘cloud computing skills’ on their resumes these days.  However, the trouble with cloud computing is that it means many things to many people.  There seems to be some confusi

The Top 5 Reasons Cloud Computing Projects Fail

28-Sep-2012 | David Linthicum

This week I’m at Cloud Connect in Chicago to speak on cloud architecture and to deliver a keynote speech on the reasons that cloud computing projects fail.  Just to give you some insight, the top 5

Stupid Cloud Computing Tricks for 2012

26-Sep-2012 | David Linthicum

For years I’ve enjoyed Late Night with Dave Letterman and the segment entitled “Stupid Human Tricks.”  You’ll see such things as a guy who can juggle and eat apples at the same time, or a la

Energy Efficiency Of Cloud Computing Misunderstood

13-Sep-2012 | David Linthicum

There continues to be articles, white papers, and even technology companies that are looking to provide tools around understanding of the true energy efficiency of cloud computing.     However, mo

3 Lessons Learned From The Recent iCloud Attacks.

10-Sep-2012 | David Linthicum

The recent hacking of Mat Honan (senior reporter for Gizmodo and former WIRED  contributing editor) shocked most, but I think many in the world of cloud computing security expected it.  Indeed, hac

Do Cloud Developers Need to Program to the Metal?

17-Aug-2012 | David Linthicum

Many in the developer world push back on cloud computing, not due to the cost or the flexibility, but due to the fact that you’re abstracted further away from the underlying computing resources or

Transforming the Enterprise for Cloud Computing Becomes Job One

23-Jul-2012 | David Linthicum

Enterprises looking to move to cloud computing have to first look inward.  This means an inventory of the existing systems, applications, services, and infrastructure, and a map of the path forward t

Three Things That Cloud Architects Must Understand

9-Jul-2012 | David Linthicum

The newness and excitement around cloud computing has driven the demand for many cloud architects.   While some of the more experienced application, enterprise, and systems architects seem to be mak