David Hannon

You Can Build It, But It Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come

6-Feb-2013 | David Hannon

What if you bought and implemented a new ERP system, but no one used it? It’s an unlikely scenario for most traditional ERP users (especially those who’d like to keep their jobs), but for some co

ERP Potholes May Be Closer Than You Think

5-Oct-2012 | David Hannon

If I told you that on your drive home tonight you were going to hit a pothole, would you do anything out of the ordinary? Maybe, maybe not. But if I told you that you were going to have a blowout i

Lost in Translation: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of ‘Geek Speak’

15-May-2012 | David Hannon

Maybe you’ve seen this happen: You work for months on an IT project, rolling out a new solution or application that you’re sure is going to get rave reviews from end users. It meets the requiremen