David Brock

Sales People Are Not Automatons!

29-Dec-2014 | David Brock

Recently, I was doing pipeline, deal, and territory reviews with several sales teams.  In the reviews, they were clearly struggling–they had new sales processes, new tools to help them in executing

The Insight-Driven Organization

19-Sep-2013 | David Brock

It’s clear that our customers want to be engaged differently. High performing marketing and sales organizations are reshaping themselves to respond with insight. Insight is critical. Our customers

Moving From Value Creation To Value Co-Creation

Moving From Value Creation To Value Co-Creation

19-Apr-2013 | David Brock

As sales people we have been drilled and drilled in “Value Propositions.”  Over time, our concepts of value propositions have changed–as they should.  Value propositions used to be generic

Intelligent Sales Leads

Intelligent Sales Leads

4-Apr-2013 | David Brock

Improving customer experience with intelligent sales leads I was recently asked to share my views of the impact of Big Data, business intelligence, and data analytics in sales.  We are only beginnin

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People Don’t Dislike Sales People, They Dislike Bad Selling!

26-Mar-2013 | David Brock

People don’t dislike sales people, they dislike bad selling!  I wish I had said that, but it originally came from Andy Rudin—thanks for the great quote. There’s a lot of data going around a

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The Sales Process Is Critical To Customer Experience

7-Mar-2013 | David Brock

Recently I was at one of those giant events, you know, where sales leaders come together to talk about the challenges they face in growing their business.  At dinner one evening, I was talking to a 

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The Sales Process Should Lead To Profitable Customers

26-Feb-2013 | David Brock

Most of the time we look at our sales process and think of it as producing deals, orders, or revenue.  Don’t get me wrong, those are still critical outputs of the sales process.  However, too ofte


Stop Letting Your Competitor Define Your Sales Strategy!

14-Feb-2013 | David Brock

Recently, I was doing some reviews with a sales team.  We were talking about some of their deals and they were consumed with a specific competitor.  They complained, “How do we deal with this comp


Are You Building Coalitions With Your Customers?

7-Feb-2013 | David Brock

As sales professionals, we’re supposed to be great at building relationships with our customers.  Relationships are important, they are the foundation to doing business. I don’t mean relations

Passion: Falling In Love With Our Products

Passion: Falling In Love With Our Products!

29-Jan-2013 | David Brock

One of the nice things about sales people is we have tremendous passion about whatever it is we sell. We believe in our products, we cannot imagine anyone not being as enthusiastic as we are–or s