Daphne Stanford

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Closing The STEM Gap: Promoting Gender Equity At All Levels

13-Jun-2017 | Daphne Stanford

According to the National Girls Collaborative Project, although women make up half of the total college-educated workforce in the United States, they comprise only 29% of the workforce in science and

How To Successfully Engage Employees In 2017

2-Feb-2017 | Daphne Stanford

As more and more millennials come of working age, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to prominently exhibit their corporate social responsibility policies on either their website or

Four Essential Best Practices For HR In 2016

4-Mar-2016 | Daphne Stanford

Welcome to 2016! Although it’s already March, it’s not too late to cover a few best practices for human resources professionals, as well as how to analyze information about your current employees