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Danielle Beurteaux is a New York-based writer who covers business, technology, and philanthropy. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Popular Mechanics, CNN, and Institutional Investor's Alpha, among other outlets.

Is Your Workplace Tech Meeting Employee Expectations?

28-Jul-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Until not that long ago, many people’s major interactions with technology were at work, usually via an enormous PC that took up valuable desk real estate and regularly required the ministrations of

Pokémon Go Will Soon Tell You Where To Go

27-Jul-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Chances are you’ve run into a Pokémon Go zombie sometime recently (if you’re not sure, some of the players might be wearing yellow onesies). The free augmented reality game, which hit over 7

You’re Already a Telecommuter—But Does Your Company Know It?

19-Jul-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Working from home, or telecommuting, is a funny thing. It often gets a bad rap, haunted by the stereotype of pajama-wearing, couch-slouching, snack food-munching employee with one eye on the laptop

7 Cities For Retiring Digitalists

13-Jul-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Conventional recommendations for retirement locations tend to focus on things like weather, cost of living, health care, and the population of fellow retirees. But retirement is changing. You might

Who’s Got Funding? The Latest IoT Investments

12-Jul-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Want to monitor your home, your baby, your sleep—or a teakettle? A new batch of Internet of Things consumer devices that lets you do these things and more has just won the backing of investors. Y

Do You Need To Work At Home For Peace And Quiet?

7-Jul-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

The offices of today look almost nothing like the offices of yesteryear. The open office concept, first developed in the 1950s in Germany, has become dominant, as has the philosophy behind its rasion

Are You Recruiting The Wrong Way?

5-Jul-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

This year’s LinkedIn job seekers survey is out, and it offers some insights into how job seekers are approaching their search and how companies can create recruitment programs to attract the best ca

We’re Still Making The Same Cybersecurity Mistakes

30-Jun-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Telecomm company Verizon recently released its 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report. This is Verizon’s 9th annual report on cybersecurity. This year’s report looks at over 100,000 events and sli

Do Big Social Media Acquisitions Mean Big Results?

28-Jun-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

When Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn for $26.2 billion was announced, it set off a firestorm of theories about the value of social media companies, and which acquisition would likely be the next (a

The New Moonlighting

23-Jun-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

If you hate your job, don’t read this post. A recent study commissioned by Adobe and completed by communications company Edelman asked office workers in the U.S., India, and the UK about their at