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What’s Area 404 For?

24-Aug-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Sometimes it's easy to forget that Facebook is more than a way to keep abreast of your middle school friends’ fascinating life updates. The tech giant does so much more. And it’s just opened a

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$18.5 Billion On Back To School Tech

23-Aug-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

It’s been a long time since shopping for supplies for the new school year meant grabbing a bunch of spiral notebooks and a new pencil case. If your August budget is a bit tight this year, blame tech

What Will Influencers Do Now?

16-Aug-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Rumblings were heard across social media recently when Bloomberg reported that the FTC will be stepping up enforcement of sponsored social media posts. According to Bloomberg, brands spend $255 mill

7 Travel Tools For Vacationing Digitalists

15-Aug-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

While there’s plenty of research confirming the benefits of unplugging and digitally detoxing while on holiday, there’s still a place for technology to help you get to and enjoy your summer vacati

VR Travel Content Brings A New Meaning To Staycation

10-Aug-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

If virtual reality cheerleaders are correct, VR tech will infiltrate many aspects of our lives very soon. But with the technology not exactly at sophisticated levels yet, and many consumers saying the

What’s New In Health Wearables

9-Aug-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

In late July, the FDA released a guidance document detailing the agency’s recommendations on “low-risk” wellness products and devices such as wearable devices and health apps. While the agen

Stop Checking Your E-mail Outside Office Hours

3-Aug-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Will you spend your summer vacation checking your work e-mail? It’s ruining your brain. In France, it’s now illegal to send work e-mails to employees after 10 p.m. In Germany, the government

Outsourcing Emotion With A.I. Customer Service

2-Aug-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

For many consumers, customer service has at best an intimate relationship with frustration, if not outright anger. A Consumer Reports survey found that 57 percent of respondents get so frustrated with

Is Your Workplace Tech Meeting Employee Expectations?

28-Jul-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Until not that long ago, many people’s major interactions with technology were at work, usually via an enormous PC that took up valuable desk real estate and regularly required the ministrations of

Pokémon Go Will Soon Tell You Where To Go

27-Jul-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Chances are you’ve run into a Pokémon Go zombie sometime recently (if you’re not sure, some of the players might be wearing yellow onesies). The free augmented reality game, which hit over 7