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Digital Devices to Enhance Nanotechnology

16-Jan-2017 | Danielle Beurteaux

Power As technology advances, so does the need for more powerful and efficient power sources that can keep up with computing demands while remaining scalable and inexpensive. New nanotechnology innov

Digital Devices to Enhance Children’s Education and Health

14-Nov-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Field Trips Without the Bus Technology is changing classrooms in incredible ways, creating experiences for today’s students that would have seemed impossible a mere generation ago. Interactive capa

health apps, wearable technologies, digital health

Why All the Abandoned Tracking Devices? Science Explains.

21-Sep-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Maybe you were all-in on the tracking tools trend, whether that was a bracelet or an app or five, and were committed to logging every step, calorie, or heartbeat. But then maybe you gradually forgot t

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Will These New Designs Revive The Market For Smartwatches?

20-Sep-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

To coincide with this fall’s New York Fashion Week, design brand Michael Kors released its new smartwatches. With an emphasis on design and more than a little bit of bling, these devices have garner

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The New Apple Stores That Aren’t Stores

13-Sep-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Will shoppers go to stores – that aren’t quite stores – to maybe hang out, and maybe not spend money? Apple recently announced that the word “store” would be removed from all its virtual

Disrupters in Food and Agriculture

6-Sep-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Old MacDonald Has Some Code 10101 The United Nations Population Fund estimates that the global human population will number 9.6 billion by 2050, which raises a critical question: how will we feed all

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Is This The End Of Car Dealerships As We Know Them?

30-Aug-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Carvana might have first come to your attention thanks to the company’s car vending machine. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Sure, it’s a bit gimmicky, but the point is made: buying a car sh

Facebook, R&D, hardware development, collaboration, innovation technology, IoT platform

What’s Area 404 For?

24-Aug-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Sometimes it's easy to forget that Facebook is more than a way to keep abreast of your middle school friends’ fascinating life updates. The tech giant does so much more. And it’s just opened a

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$18.5 Billion On Back To School Tech

23-Aug-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

It’s been a long time since shopping for supplies for the new school year meant grabbing a bunch of spiral notebooks and a new pencil case. If your August budget is a bit tight this year, blame tech

What Will Influencers Do Now?

16-Aug-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Rumblings were heard across social media recently when Bloomberg reported that the FTC will be stepping up enforcement of sponsored social media posts. According to Bloomberg, brands spend $255 mill