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Daniel Newman serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of EC3, a quickly growing hosted IT and Communication service provider. Prior to this role Daniel has held several prominent leadership roles including serving as CEO of United Visual. Parent company to United Visual Systems, United Visual Productions, and United GlobalComm; a family of companies focused on Visual Communications and Audio Visual Technologies. Daniel is also widely published and active in the Social Media Community. He is the Author of Amazon Best Selling Business Book "The Millennial CEO." Daniel also Co-Founded the Global online Community 12 Most and was recognized by the Huffington Post as one of the 100 Business and Leadership Accounts to Follow on Twitter. Newman is an Adjunct Professor of Management at North Central College. He attained his undergraduate degree in Marketing at Northern Illinois University and an Executive MBA from North Central College in Naperville, IL. Newman currently resides in Aurora, Illinois with his wife (Lisa) and his two daughters (Hailey 9, Avery 5). A Chicago native all of his life, Newman is an avid golfer, a fitness fan, and a classically trained pianist

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Four Reasons Software Suites Enable Device Flexibility And Mobility

15-Jan-2018 | Daniel Newman

Last week, the weather knocked out the Internet at my office for 12 hours. Two years ago, that would have been the longest 12 hours of my life. But this time, I was able to access all the documents an

Driving Full Adoption Of Virtualized Desktop Environments

4-Dec-2017 | Daniel Newman

As more employees become mobile workers, it’s time for enterprise businesses to move to virtualized desktop environments. Here’s why. Virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) was developed over

Chatbots Find Their Footing In The Enterprise

9-Aug-2017 | Daniel Newman

Ask and you shall receive. That’s the hope of developers working to create the next generation of enterprise chatbots, which promise to serve a genie-like role in employees’ lives—whether they a

Developing Resiliency In The Hybrid Cloud Era

3-Aug-2017 | Daniel Newman

To stay competitive in this fast-paced business world, companies must be able to evolve and adapt—both for their customers and employees alike. But in the hybrid era, where many companies are storin

IoT Revolutionizing Business For The Little Guy

26-Jul-2017 | Daniel Newman

Patterns from the past show technology advancements tend to benefit big businesses, often eliminating the need for small businesses. It’s no wonder then, that small businesses have been historically

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IT Roadmap For The Future

24-Jul-2017 | Daniel Newman

As new IT technology is introduced in the workplace, it’s likely that what worked last year won’t work in the next five years. It might sound like a cliché, but the only constant in the world of

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Does Your CIO Have A Vision For The Future?

21-Jul-2017 | Daniel Newman

I’ve talked a lot about the importance of culture in building and sustaining successful organizations, especially in the digital age. With employees facing so much change – from software and tech

Using Science And Data To Build Your Teams

14-Jul-2017 | Daniel Newman

I’m sure we’ve all been to a company retreat where we took personality tests aimed at helping our teams work more effectively. In my experience, these usually happen after a huge team blow-out or

What Comes First: Culture Change Or Tech Change?

13-Jul-2017 | Daniel Newman

The age-old question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” is a fun debate-starter for lively dinnertime conversation or for actual pondering, despite there being no actual firm answer to t

Building A Mobile Culture In A Mobile-First World

11-Jul-2017 | Daniel Newman

Mobile devices and mobility: they are not the same thing. Unfortunately, many companies in today’s digital workplace are focusing solely on providing mobile gadgets when they should be creating a tr