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Daniel Newman serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of EC3, a quickly growing hosted IT and Communication service provider. Prior to this role Daniel has held several prominent leadership roles including serving as CEO of United Visual. Parent company to United Visual Systems, United Visual Productions, and United GlobalComm; a family of companies focused on Visual Communications and Audio Visual Technologies. Daniel is also widely published and active in the Social Media Community. He is the Author of Amazon Best Selling Business Book "The Millennial CEO." Daniel also Co-Founded the Global online Community 12 Most and was recognized by the Huffington Post as one of the 100 Business and Leadership Accounts to Follow on Twitter. Newman is an Adjunct Professor of Management at North Central College. He attained his undergraduate degree in Marketing at Northern Illinois University and an Executive MBA from North Central College in Naperville, IL. Newman currently resides in Aurora, Illinois with his wife (Lisa) and his two daughters (Hailey 9, Avery 5). A Chicago native all of his life, Newman is an avid golfer, a fitness fan, and a classically trained pianist

Five Important Ways Mobility Empowers The Workforce

26-Nov-2015 | Daniel Newman

Say you’re in an unfamiliar town, and you’re craving sushi. You whip out your phone and type – or simply say – “sushi restaurants nearby.” Before you can blink an eye, you have a host of h


Why Digital Signage Is Still Valid In The Age Of The Second Screen

23-Nov-2015 | Daniel Newman

This post is sponsored by Samsung Business. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Digital signage commanded an impressive share of mind when it didn’t have to compete with omnipresent mobile dev


Why More Businesses Should Be Pursuing Hybrid Cloud

20-Nov-2015 | Daniel Newman

The hybrid cloud combines a public cloud provider with an organization’s private cloud platform. Because the two halves operate independently of one another, it’s possible to store proprietary dat


Gadgets Over Toys: Gen Z To Become The Next Data Mecca For Marketers?

19-Nov-2015 | Daniel Newman

When we talk about young professionals shaking things up in the workplace, we often talk about millennials. When we talk about consumers shaping tech trends with their purchases, we often talk about m


Big Data: Solving Business Problems One At A Time

18-Nov-2015 | Daniel Newman

I’ve posted in the past about the Big Data boom and the little data revolution, and the conversation is still relevant. Of course, data in any quantity is an asset—no, a necessity—to the busines


Sensor Data Connecting Mobile Users And Content Seamlessly

17-Nov-2015 | Daniel Newman

This post is sponsored by Samsung Business. All thoughts and opinions are my own. It’s safe to say that it would be rough existing in today’s society without communicative technology. We need

Hallway in server room --- Image by © Mischa Keijser/cultura/Corbis

Hybrid Cloud: The Public And Private Cloud Mash-Up And Its Benefits

13-Nov-2015 | Daniel Newman

Many organizations have adopted at least some public cloud solutions for the convenience, scalability, and affordability they offer – but security is a common hang-up, particularly for companies tha

Information concept: pixelated Opened Padlock icon on digital background, 3d render

IT Security Needed More Than Ever For SMEs

5-Nov-2015 | Daniel Newman

It’s hardly a secret when a large corporation gets hacked—it’s the opposite, actually. News of controversies and scandals for big business spreads quickly (like the recent Target and Ashley Madi

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Learning On The Fly: Rapid Tech Shift Requires A New Type Of Thinker

2-Nov-2015 | Daniel Newman

If you study the sciences–especially in computing, networking, or marketing–you’re probably aware that things are changing at an astonishing pace. But truth be told, for most educators, there is


Is The C-Suite Guilty Of Ignoring IT Security And Its Associated Risks?

27-Oct-2015 | Daniel Newman

More than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies have been victims of cybercrimes, and cases of security leaks and hacks hit the headlines nearly every day. A recent Accenture report, Business Resilience