Craig Himmelberger

The Simpler They Are

24-Apr-2015 | Craig Himmelberger

Recent divergence between size and efficiency favors the smaller and nimbler. But banks, already suffering the crushing complexity of their myriad inherited infrastructure and business practices, cont

The Bigger They Are?

10-Apr-2015 | Craig Himmelberger

“Economy of scale” is a popular term in software as much as banking. “Write once, sell many” has been the mantra for business application developers since Jim McCormack and Frank Dodge first s

Digital Banking Comes Of Age: Creating Unfair Competitive Advantage

24-Feb-2015 | Craig Himmelberger

I’m from Boston. If you want to talk about mythologically underinflated footballs, I’m your guy. (Coincidence that the only underinflated ball was the one held on the Colts’ sideline? I think no

Market Information Versus Volatility In Banking: How Many Decimal Places In The Right Answer?

26-Jan-2015 | Craig Himmelberger

Following up on my recent post on the value of Big Data in assessing risk, it seems that recent discussions about international capital and related risks have never been more lively. (And who even rem

Turning Information Into Action: Good Data + Good Software = Good Decisions

26-Dec-2014 | Craig Himmelberger

I have a semi-serious, poker-playing friend with whom I spent this past Friday night. (Small stakes). I’m reminded of one hand in particular as I read the economic news coming out of Russia, where c

How Banks Will Combat Information Overload With Cloud Analytics

7-Oct-2014 | Craig Himmelberger

Through integration of channels and fast analytics enabled by in-memory computing, retail banks can understand their customers better and reach out to them immediately with the most appropriate method

Cloud And SaaS Will Transform Banking

3-Oct-2014 | Craig Himmelberger

Banks are evaluating software as a service (SaaS) for almost all new IT projects, a new survey from SAP and the analyst firm Ovum has found. The study showed that SaaS is already supporting a majority

The Test Of Effective Cash And Liquidity Management

25-Apr-2014 | Craig Himmelberger

My daughter recently aced her SATs. She credited her preparation, but it was her overall perspective that struck me: “It’s not like it’s real life or anything.” Real-life decision making is ha

Cashing In On Big Data

10-Apr-2012 | Craig Himmelberger

Some people can tell you how much they have in their checking account. Some people can’t. It’s quite often possible to tell the difference by the condition of their shoes. Likewise, corporate t