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Cindy DiMariani shares tangible advice on how businesses can leverage technology to gain competitive advantages, control costs, provide superior service, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

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Nationwide’s Partnership With RiskBlock Signals New Era For Blockchain

2-Feb-2018 | Cindy DiMariani

Nationwide Insurance has entered the testing phase of a partnership with RiskBlock, a blockchain framework designed for the risk management and insurance industries. The partnership between Nationwide

How Blockchain Will Impact Marketing: Search, Programmatic, And Influencers

8-Nov-2017 | Cindy DiMariani

Of all the corporate marketing trends to emerge and spread into ubiquity in the past ten years , the use of granular and pervasive data stands out. The problem with data, though, is that it needs to b

Telecommunications And Blockchains: The Correlation Is Coming

2-Aug-2017 | Cindy DiMariani

New technology always brings a wave of optimism—words like “disruption” and “unprecedented” start showing up on industry blogs and social media. Sometimes the technology warrants the hype, a

IoT Security Is Now A Life-Threatening Issue

11-Apr-2017 | Cindy DiMariani

It’s official – IoT security is now a life-threatening issue. IoT devices going online today range from heart-rate monitors to insulin pumps (not to mention automobiles). Think about the potent

How Fast Is Your State’s Internet?

28-Mar-2017 | Cindy DiMariani

How fast is the Internet in your state? If you live in Idaho, you probably experience slower speeds than your East Coast friends. Broadview Networks’ map infographic, which is based on data from Ak

Look Out, Millennials — Here Comes Generation Z!

12-Oct-2015 | Cindy DiMariani

The Digitarians, iGeneneration, Screeners, Post-Millennials, Generation Z — you name it! Call them what you want; they represent the first generation that has always been connected to the Internet.