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Christopher Koch is the Editorial Director of the SAP Center for Business Insight. He is an experienced publishing professional, researcher, editor, and writer in business, technology, and B2B marketing. Share your thoughts with Chris on Twitter @Ckochster.

customer networks

The Value Of Customer Networks

25-Aug-2016 | Christopher Koch

Traditionally, businesses have always worked for customers. Success depended on the ability to offer great products and services, make the purchasing process easy and enjoyable, and follow up with pos

customer feedback

The Most Important Stage Of The Buying Journey You’ve Never Heard Of

18-Aug-2016 | Christopher Koch

There are many different interpretations of the buying journey, but most of them always begin with awareness: the point when customers discover a company, product, or service, or identify a need that

Why Moment Marketing Will Beat Traditional Advertising

11-Aug-2016 | Christopher Koch

When Oreo sent its now famous “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet during a power outage that hit the Super Bowl a few years ago, it caused a sensation. Of the more than 15,000 viewers who retwe

Use Customer Journey Design To Smash The Data Silos

4-Aug-2016 | Christopher Koch

For years, businesses have been chasing the goal of creating a single source for all customer data. By having everything in one place, businesses can create more in-depth profiles of their customers a

Will Artificial Intelligence Make All Business Decisions?

28-Jul-2016 | Christopher Koch

When Google’s AlphaGo computer defeated a human champion in the insanely complex board game “Go” in March, experts were surprised by the computer’s ability to recognize patterns and make quick

How To Fix Social Media Customer Service

21-Jul-2016 | Christopher Koch

A brand’s silence in social media is deafening. Customers who tweet a brand expect a response. Over half (53%) want to hear back within an hour. And when the tweet references a problem, that figu

The New Face Of Customer Service

14-Jul-2016 | Christopher Koch

You’ve heard of Siri. You’ve probably even heard of Alexa. Now meet Amelia. “She” is an avatar dressed in a business suit, a virtual customer service representative powered by artificial in

Can The C-Suite Handle Customer Experience Transformation?

7-Jul-2016 | Christopher Koch

The instant customer gratification offered by the Ubers of the world is shaking up the C-suite. Most CEOs understand that they must digitally transform their businesses to create a more seamless, a

Are You Spending Too Much To Make Customers Happy?

30-Jun-2016 | Christopher Koch

It’s probably no coincidence that the luxury goods maker Chanel produced the most expensive ad ever made. It was 2004’s “No. 5 the Film,” costing $42 million and starring Nicole Kidman (who

How To Fix The Personalization Paradox

23-Jun-2016 | Christopher Koch

Customers are signaling that they want more personalized treatment from companies. In fact, a recent Accenture survey revealed that nearly 60% of respondents prefer real-time promotions and offers. T