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Christine is a co-founder with Andrew MacFarlane at Mobile Pulse. Her years in telecommunications have spanned Ethernet, Frame Relay, Fiber LANs, xDSL and Cable data services. Mobile broadband is next generation of broadband service offerings. She has been advising startups and venture investors for over 12 years at Evolve Adapt Survive. Her clients have included SMARTS (now EMC), NGT (Comcast), Broadsoft, Grotech among many others. Previous to Evolve, Christine worked in mergers and acquisitions for Bay Networks (Nortel) and previous to that she worked as a broadband network design engineer at US WEST.

The Reliability Of Wireline And Unpredictability Of Mobile

6-Jan-2015 | Christine Ekman

For most of us, cutting the cord is about reducing monthly expenses from two phone bills to a single bill, and most choose mobility for its convenience and vastly improved functionality.  While cost

3 Ways Tom Wheeler’s E-Rate Increase Proposal Benefits You

24-Nov-2014 | Christine Ekman

Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, is proposing a 62% increase in the amount of money that will go to fund Wi-Fi deployments in schools.  As many as 40 million students a


3 Reasons To Support President Obama On Open Access

17-Nov-2014 | Christine Ekman

Obama released a video announcement this week supporting Open Access and Network Neutrality. Since inception, the Internet has been based on open access, anyone can connect to and distribute content

FCC Requires Local Governments To Facilitate Cell Tower Deployment

4-Nov-2014 | Christine Ekman

On October 17th, the FCC issued a new order (14-153) requiring governments to work faster and more efficiently to approve applications for new cellular facilities. Granted this order is not ground bre

3 Must Do’s Before Signing A Corporate Wireless Contract

27-Oct-2014 | Christine Ekman

As corporate mobility continues to expand worldwide, and BYOD begins to recede in popularity because of corporate email, corporate app deployment and recent court rulings, corporate wireless contracts

What’s A Synod?

20-Oct-2014 | Christine Ekman

A big news story broke this week about a 12-page document released by a group of Catholic Bishops in Rome who were referred to as the “Synod on the Family”. There are a lot of things being said

Bringing Sexy Back To Retail

14-Oct-2014 | Christine Ekman

According to Wall Street, Alibaba and Amazon have taken over brick and mortar retail. In reality, people still prefer brick and mortar shopping but online shopping is increasing.  A survey commissi

Peaceful Protest And Those Who Oppose

8-Oct-2014 | Christine Ekman

Singapore is in the news. There are peaceful protests over the upcoming 2017 elections.  The Chinese government is proposing elections for candidates they will choose, not open elections with candida

3 Reasons To Pass On The iPhone 6

29-Sep-2014 | Christine Ekman

Hurry, Hurry step right up. See the most amazing mobile phone ever released.  Only $399.  Be the first to have the latest technology! Apple marketing has truly taken a page from the carnival bark

When A Virus Goes Viral

17-Sep-2014 | Christine Ekman

Denver has been swept up in a viral outbreak this past week, Enterovirus 68. It’s a strain of the common cold that attacks the respiratory system of children. It appeared mid-August in Missouri and