Chris R. Stricklin

Leading With Less

7-Jul-2015 | Chris R. Stricklin

Think about the #LeadershipBuzzwords throughout the years: Total Quality Management Quality Air Force Six Sigma and Belt Colors More With Less Value Stream Mapping Lean Thinking No Yes-Men W

3 Leadership Lessons From The Dinner Table

31-Mar-2015 | Chris R. Stricklin

As leaders, we continually search for ways to improve, refine and hone our skills, abilities and demeanor. In this quest, we are consistently met with one immovable hurdle that limits our achievements

8 #LeadershipResolutions For 2015

8-Jan-2015 | Chris R. Stricklin

As 2014 came to a close, so did another chapter of our lives. Written are 365 more days of our leadership, our influence and impact on others. Before we look to 2015 to develop our #LeadershipResoluti

6 Leadership Insights From Marathons

16-Dec-2014 | Chris R. Stricklin

Life goals. They are what drive us. They are the measure by which we evaluate our success and the lens through which we determine our satisfaction. Like many, I have both professional life goals and p

5 Principles Of Leadership Presence

19-Sep-2014 | Chris R. Stricklin

Thunderbirds Check…. Two, Three, Four, Five, Six” “Lets Run’em Up…” “Smoke On – Ready…. Now” “Smoke Off – Ready… Now” “Release Brakes – Ready…. Now”

Eff. Leadership: What Is Your Predisposition?

26-Jun-2014 | Chris R. Stricklin

Take a strategic pause. Think about the title of this article. How did you interpret the abbreviated word…did you even notice or was it automatic? Did you read it as ‘effective’ or ‘efficient

The Perils Of Being A Ninth-Letter Leader

29-May-2014 | Chris R. Stricklin

If ‘I’ take credit for a success, it does not build ‘Us’ as a team. Every meeting is an opportunity: a unique moment that can bring a team closer together or shred the fabric that binds. Many

The Value Of Dynamic Leadership

3-Apr-2014 | Chris R. Stricklin

True leadership is not found in an individual, but the individuals developed. So it is with leadership. Those who desire to become outstanding leaders must also help those around them develop leadersh