Chris Heffer

What Is Social Business?

11-Jan-2013 | Chris Heffer

I believe social business is the future of business. Social business will be the way business is done in the future and eventually what we know currently as social business will just become “bus

How To Be Happy

31-Dec-2012 | Chris Heffer

I have just spent the last two weeks in Thailand and I am currently writing this blog on the 13 hour flight back from Bangkok to London. Thailand is an amazing country. I have experienced it’s two e

How To Embed A Tweet Button In Your Blog

5-Dec-2012 | Chris Heffer

Have you ever wanted to embed a tweet button into your blog post? Rather than tweet a link to the whole article, have you ever wanted to tweet just a quote or snippet? In a previous post I expla

How To Create A Business Case For Social Selling

21-Nov-2012 | Chris Heffer

Do you work in sales? Are you passionate about how social can help your organisation sell more? Do you want to know what role content marketing & content creation will play in the future way

How Do You Sell In the Social Era?

19-Nov-2012 | Chris Heffer

Are you looking to improve or modernise the way you sell? Do you want to learn how you can use the social web to help you sell more? In this post I will discuss both the traditional and the new

Why You Don’t Need To Buy Any Social Software

5-Nov-2012 | Chris Heffer

(Until you read this post) If my last post on why I wish social was NOT  in my job title didn’t throw up enough controversy – then this one might! “Invest in social culture before so

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I Wish Social Was NOT In My Job Title

2-Nov-2012 | Chris Heffer

I, too, have a dream . . . I dream of a day when social is not in my job title; I dream of the day when social is not called social; I dream of a day when social becomes what it deserves to b

Why Use Social Media?

19-Oct-2012 | Chris Heffer

Are you considering using social media at work or in your professional life? Are you trying to figure out what social media can help you achieve or see if it’s worth your while? Read on to hel

How To Get People To Share Your Content On Social Networks?

4-Oct-2012 | Chris Heffer

If you want to learn how to increase the amount people share your content or the number of people you are connected with on any social network then this post is for you. I will explain some simple

Why You Don’t Need A Social Media Strategy From #smwldn

1-Oct-2012 | Chris Heffer

I have had a busy week this week, having spoke at four separate events. Yesterday I had the privilege of being asked to deliver a presentation at Facebook’s London office as part of Social Medi