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Charles Curtis is a sports and entertainment writer who has been published in The Daily, ESPN The Magazine, TV Guide, and Entertainment Weekly. He lives in New York City.

Game, Set, Match: Cloud Keeps Stats Coming At Grand Slam Events

11-Nov-2013 | Charles Curtis

With one swing of a racquet, a tennis player can produce plenty of statistics. So you can imagine how much data can be pulled from an entire match. But to deliver those stats, along with historical da

X-Y Marks The Spot: SportVu Cameras Are Changing The World of Stats

9-Oct-2013 | Charles Curtis

Imagine trying to track the movements, spacing, types of plays and the performance of 10 players on a basketball court — for every second of a game. Then add in the precise location of the ball to y

Dynamic Pricing: The Future Of Tickets To Sporting Events Becomes The Present

9-Oct-2013 | Charles Curtis

It used to be so simple—and cheaper!—to buy a ticket to a sporting event: walk up to a window at the stadium or arena, purchase and go. But in the Internet era and with companies like StubHub doi

Gridiron Geeks: Why NFL Teams Are Just Starting To Hire Directors Of Analytics

8-Oct-2013 | Charles Curtis

Analytics jobs in the National Football League began to pop up in recent years as fast as Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson runs the 40-yard dash. The Baltimore Ravens hired a director of fo

Predicting the Next Game-Changing Statistics in Sports

22-Aug-2013 | Charles Curtis

By now terms for sports statistics – such as Wins Above Replacement (WAR), Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR), and True Shooting Percentage – are commonplace. And they are also changing the way fans, anal

Snapshot: How Sportvision’s Innovations Have Changed Major League Baseball

26-Jul-2013 | Charles Curtis

Ryan Zander, Sportvision’s senior vice president and GM of baseball products, chuckles when remembering an interaction during Major League Baseball’s winter meetings he attended one year. A team

How The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Opened The Doors To Regular Joes

15-Jul-2013 | Charles Curtis

The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference With research papers that have titles like “Live by the Three, Die by the Three? The Price of Risk in the NBA” and “The Hidden Foundation of Field Visi

Nate Silver’s “The Signal and the Noise”: Why Most Predictions Fail But A Few Don’t

12-Jul-2013 | Charles Curtis

Nate Silver got it right, again. The author, whose accomplishments include correctly predicting the results in all 50 states in the last presidential election on his New York Times FiveThirtyEigh

Why Major Sports Have Embraced Big Data (And How They Use It)

24-May-2013 | Charles Curtis

Major Sports Are Embracing Big Data Analytics In the post-Moneyball sports world, stories about using advanced analytics to help make front office and coaching decisions began to multiply. There are

Tracking Your Fantasy Football Team In Real-Time

21-May-2013 | Charles Curtis

Paul Charchian remembers running a fantasy football league as commissioner about 30 years ago, when owners wrote lineups out by hand and snail-mailed them to him by Thursday of every week. The results