Celia Brown

No More “Used Car Salesman” Jokes? Welcome To The New World Of Used Car Sales

18-Aug-2015 | Celia Brown

There’s an old joke that goes: “What’s the difference between a used car salesman and [insert any type of salesman, consultant, agent or other professional ‘persuader.’]?  Answer: The used

5 Brands Cashing In On The ‘Try Before You Buy’ Effect

18-May-2015 | Celia Brown

I visited Starbucks this morning, as I do often, and prepared to order my usual skinny mocha latte. Today, though, my purchase decision was disrupted by a barista passing out free samples of their new

Is Your Marketing Style Compatible With Your Customers?

28-Apr-2015 | Celia Brown

I had always thought that every person had their own leadership style -- some are micromanagers, for example, while others are passionate about consensus building and coaching. But I recently attende

Privacy For Personalization: Is It A Fair Trade-Off?

18-Mar-2015 | Celia Brown

When it comes to privacy, consumers today are somewhat hypocritical. On one hand, we balk at companies like Facebook for a perceived “loss” of privacy, but on the other hand, we complain when we a

snowy weather

Weather Content: The Perfect Storm For Marketers

13-Mar-2015 | Celia Brown

My father was never much of a sports fan. While most other Dads were glued to ESPN, he was more interested in the weather- growing up listening to the forecasts on the radio and then  watching The We

Workouts For The Me Generation: Personalization At The Gym

6-Mar-2015 | Celia Brown

Thanks in part to powerful brands like Whole Foods, the U.S. has seen a rise in motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle- particularly in major metropolitan areas such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia

Why Do Customers Fall In Love? A Valentine For An Audience of One

12-Feb-2015 | Celia Brown

Every February, millions of Americans are faced with the daunting decision of selecting just the right Valentine’s Day card for their sweethearts. Standing in front of a massive rack of greeting car

woman opens gift

‘Tis The Season For Gift Returns: Social Sentiment Analytics [INFOGRAPHIC]

28-Jan-2015 | Celia Brown

During the holiday season, we used social listening tools to analyze more than 28 million social media posts to help retailers gain a deeper understanding of consumers’ thoughts and feelings about

Best Of NRF 2015: Bringing The Theater Back Into Retail [VIDEO]

20-Jan-2015 | Celia Brown

Competition is fiercer than ever in the retail industry as brands compete for customer loyalty and share of wallet. According to James Farnell, international direction of the Retail Design Institute,

Adidas Says Data Is The Fuel And Analytics Is The Engine To Engage Customers

15-Jan-2015 | Celia Brown

When Adidas was originally founded in SW Germany in 1949, the distance between the company and the customer was effectively null. Every single transaction in store was a personalized interaction and c