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Lead Talent Marketing at SAP, focused on supporting the Recruiting, Talent Development, Leadership, Learning, and Diversity functions at SAP. Also playing an interim role as Head of Diversity for SAP.

How Does a Team Come Together? (Or What I’ve Learned About Engagement From My Team!)

4-Dec-2013 | Carmen O'Shea

I’ll just come out and say it: my team rocks. Yes, of course I’m biased, but it’s true! They are small, but impactful, fiercely loyal, collaborative, and just about the nicest collection of peop


A Celebration Of The Power Of Diversity

9-Oct-2012 | Carmen O'Shea

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) recently hosted an event in NYC to honor Admiral Mike Mullen, recently retired chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, for his instrumental wo

Why Should You Care About Diversity and Marketing?

26-Jul-2012 | Carmen O'Shea

All of us are multi-faceted, whether apparent or not beneath the layer we reveal at work. You may not know or guess, but I’m an Irish-Latina-American woman, married to a Greek man, with 6 years of m