Quentin Hardy

Bits Blog: How Big Data Sees Wikipedia

27-Jun-2012 | Quentin Hardy

A researcher at the University of Illinois has been looking at Wikipedia as a data resource, concentrating on the connections between cities around the globe over time. Read more on The New York Ti

Bits Blog: How Big Data Gets Real

14-Jun-2012 | Quentin Hardy

Big Data is moving up a classic modern curve, from discovery to science, and on to engineering and mass use. We are not as far along as some argue, but businesses are being built that will make a revo

Bits Blog: Rethinking Privacy in an Era of Big Data

12-Jun-2012 | Quentin Hardy

Privacy is always a moving target. In a networked world, it moves in lots of directions. A well-known Internet researcher warns, “Regulation is coming.” Read more on the New York Times >>